Best Vitamins for the Best Skin

Keeping your skin as healthy as possible is at the top of just about everyone’s list. Did you know that nutrients and vitamins are a great way to keep that skin glowing and youthful? There are supplements and vitamins that can certainly affect your skin. Your diet can also be good for your entire body!

Antioxidants are one of the best sources of keeping your skin glowing, as they can prevent skin damage from free radicals that cause harm and signs of aging in the skin. Consuming a wide variety of vegetables and fruits are a great way to include those important antioxidants. Fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and veggies such as kale and spinach are great sources of antioxidants.

Omega-3 fatty acids can help keep that visible top layer of skin strong to help repel external pollutants and toxins. Foods high in omega-3s include sardines, eggs, walnuts, and wild salmon.

Supplements Are Important as Well

While a healthy diet is the best way to achieve and keep a great complexion, multivitamins can help boost nutrition, especially if you are finding it difficult to eat a healthy diet all the time. As with any healthy lifestyle, you should also avoid smoking (it can really do damage to your skin), get plenty of sleep, maintain a regular exercise regimen, and of course, drink lots of water—hydration is very important to skin health!

Augmenting a Healthy Lifestyle for Great Skin

While your best bet for attaining and keeping that great skin is diet and exercise, sometimes you may find that you want a little help. At St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we are dedicated to the patient experience; we offer cutting-edge treatments and procedures that can help you attain and keep healthy skin.

If you are looking for simple procedures that can give you clearer, brighter skin, you may want to consider microdermabrasion or even a chemical peel. These easy treatments will give you a more youthful look almost immediately.

If you want more robust treatments, we offer everything from dermal fillers to laser therapies to help you gain that beautiful skin! And of course, we offer a full menu of skin care procedures that are anti-aging in nature to give you that glowing, young look. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation to discuss the options available for your best skin!

Study: Increasing Rates of Melanoma Throughout the Country

A recent article published in JAMA Dermatology highlights some startling facts about the rise of melanoma cases throughout the United States. According to the study, fatalities from invasive melanoma has risen steadily over the past two decades. Currently, the risk of an American developing invasive melanoma is 1 in 54. This is in comparison to figures reported in 2009 that indicated a rate of 1 in 58. Additionally, in situ melanoma (stage 0) cases rose more rapidly during study period. The lifetime risk of developing in situ melanoma rose from 1 in 78 to 1 in 58.

melanoma risk over the last 100 years (002)

Other Findings

Various geographic regions of the country were studied and were found to vary in incidence and death rates. The highest percentages were found in the Midwest, which experienced an increase during 10 years. A majority of Northeastern states were found to experience a decrease.

Study researchers used CDC data to compare trends over a 10-year period from 2003 to 2013. The trends studied included death and incident rates by state and geographic region. A total of 48 states reported melanoma deaths between 2003 and 2013. Of these states, 23 states experienced a decrease, 21 states an increase and four states reported no change.

Regional Findings

Decreases in cases:

• Six Northeastern states
• One Midwestern state
• Seven Southern states
• Nine Western states

Increase in cases:

• Two Northeastern states
• 10 Midwestern states
• Seven Southern states
• Three Western states

The study states, “Several U.S. geographic regions may require special focus. Eight of 11 Midwestern states (for which we had information) experienced a rise in both death and incidence rates between 2003 and 2013, perhaps indicating a greater number of melanoma cases resulting in a greater number of deaths.”

According to the researchers, the Northeast, specifically the New England area, was the only geographic region that saw a reduction in both incident and death rates. Researchers attribute this to strong skin cancer prevention programs within this region.

Says Dr. Wright of the St. Louis Liposuction Center, “It is so important to understand how important skin cancer prevention programs are. At my clinic, we emphasize skin care, including sun safety tips to prevent any occurrence of skin cancer.”

If you would like to know more about this study, or would like to know more about skin cancer prevent, please contact us today!

Treatments for Rosacea Welcomed by Doctors

At a recent meeting, newly available treatments for rosacea were welcomed. Additionally, it was pointed out that dermatologists and other physicians are reconsidering and rethinking about some older therapies, while waiting from promising new developments.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is very similar to acne; in fact, is often referred to as adult acne. Rosacea is characterized by tiny red bumps, lines, or pimples that usually show up on the central area of the face. Additionally, rosacea can look a lot like dilated blood vessels.

Often people do not know that they are suffering from rosacea because of its similarity to acne, often manifesting through rosy or red cheeks, blushing, and sunburn-like symptoms. Unfortunately, it is a chronic condition with no known cure. Those suffering from this condition can experience temporary flare-ups that will dissipate. However, the rosacea will continue to return. Due to the chronic nature of rosacea, the new therapies have been well received.

Treatments for Rosacea

Topical options for certain types of rosacea include α-adrenergic agonist brimonidine. While some patients receiving this treatment may experience worsening redness, there are strategies that can help decrease the redness caused by this treatment, including using good skin care routines that include barrier repair. Also, it is advised that papulopustular rosacea be under control prior to this treatment. Patient expectations are managed by advising patients about the potential for redness. Alternatively, the redness will generally dissipate within 24 hours of the treatment.

Another option for rosacea’s background redness is the off-label use of other treatments, including Botox. Some success has been seen through the use of this treatment.

Other studies have shown effectiveness in the use of ivermectin 1% cream. This cream offers anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Also, this technique was shown to be better tolerated.

Another therapy showing promise is the use of oxymetazoline 1% cream. This drug has been submitted to the FDA for approval as a rosacea therapy and is expected to earn approval sometime in 2017. Clinical trials have shown satisfactory results among study group participants.

St. Louis Lipo

Says Dr. Wright of the St. Louis Lipo Center, “I look forward to seeing more promising therapies for rosacea for my patients.”

If you would like to know more about rosacea and its treatments, please give us a call today. We will schedule a consultation where we can discuss the potential options for treating rosacea.

All About BodyTite

BodyTite is an innovative advancement in the area of body sculpting and contouring. BodyTite is a liposuction technique that uses radiofrequency to target unwanted fat. Additionally, it is also an effective skin tightening procedure.

The technology used by BodyTite is called Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening (RFAL). With this technology, energy is applied to the fat within the treatment area to melt the fat, along with encouraging collagen production that will produce the skin tightening results.

The BodyTite Procedure

During the BodyTite procedure, unwanted fat is gently melted and the suctioned away through a tiny incision. This “pre-melting” of the fat prior to removal is considered less traumatic than some other liposuction techniques. Radiofrequency energy waves are sent through electrodes. The BodyTite device will simultaneous liquefy and suction away the fat. The heating factor is the part of the technique that will produce the skin tightening feature.

One of the most unique benefits of BodyTite is its precision and safety. The procedure utilizes a gentle, precise heat process, and the device will shut off should the temperature fluctuate below or above the optimal range for the best results.

What Are the Benefits of BodyTite?

When you choose to undergo BodyTite, you will receive several benefits including:

  • Considerable diminishing of fat deposits
  • Skin tightening that does not often accompany other body contouring techniques
  • Minimal side effects
  • Quick recovery times

Additionally, because of its precision, BodyTite can be used on almost any body area, such as:

  • Abdomen/waist/stomach
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Neck

St. Louis Lipo

Says Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director at St. Louis Liposuction Center, “I am pleased that BodyTite has joined the other contouring procedures we offer at St. Louis Liposuction Center.”

He says, “The BodyTite procedure provides impressive results, especially the added benefit of skin tightening. Many of our patients have expressed overall satisfaction with this new procedure.”

If you are interested in learning more about BodyTite and how it can help you achieve your contouring results, please call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will discuss the entire BodyTite procedure, as well as answer any questions you may have. We will also discuss other options available that can help you achieve your goals for a slimmer, trimmer you!

Top 5 Benefits of Belotero

Would you like to look younger and more refreshed? Perhaps you’d like to show off some new clothes or your beautiful smile, all highlighted by a confident personality. You may be seeing small lines and wrinkles appearing, or even lines above your lips that just aren’t being concealed by makeup. While these age signs are completely normal and natural, that doesn’t mean that you have to accept them. With Belotero, you can help reduce those unsightly signs of aging.

What is Belotero?

Belotero is a cosmetic injection that can temporarily smooth those lines and fill out those folds around the lips and nose. Belotero has wonderful benefits, including these top five:

• Offers a natural feel to the touch
• Your facial expressions and movement remain normal
• Can smooth moderate to several lines and wrinkles in the face
• Fast procedure, with near immediate results
• Little to no downtime

Belotero is actually one of the mildest or “lightest” dermal fillers, and is considered one of the best options for those with minor lines. It is comprised of a hyaluronic acid gel, which is a substance that naturally occurs in the body. When this hyaluronic acid is injected, it essentially acts as a sponge and expands to plump up the wrinkles, lines, and sunken areas.

Because Belotero has a thinner consistency than other similar fillers, it can be injected higher up in the layers of the skin, without causing related bumps or lumps. This is why Belotero is especially efficient in filling lines and wrinkles in areas with thinner skin, such as around the lips and mouth.

Belotero can be used on any skin type or color. Keep in mind that it is best used for those with tiny lines and wrinkles. If you have deeper wrinkles or folds, other fillers such as Juvederm or Perlane may be more beneficial as they have a thicker consistency and can more effectively treat these types of wrinkles and lines.

St. Louis Laser Liposuction

At St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, Dr. Thomas Wright and his staff are very knowledgeable about all types of dermal fillers. We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will discuss your individual case and your desired results to determine the best dermal filler that will give you the very best results!

What is Cellulite?

What is Cellulite? The Causes and How to Get Rid of It

Cellulite is a common condition that affects many people. It gives the skin a dimpled appearance due to underlying fat deposits. It usually appears on the thighs and buttocks, and usually begins appearing after puberty. Approximately 90% of women will experience cellulite during their lives.

The medical terms for cellulite include adiposis edamatosa, dermapanniculosis dermans, status protusus, and gynoid lipodystrophy. Common names include cottage cheese skin, orange peel syndrome, and hail damage.

Causes of Cellulite

While not well understood, there are several theories as to the causes of cellulite, including:

• Hormones
• Genetics
• Diet
• Lifestyle
• Clothing

Treating and Removing Cellulite

Cellulite is often classified using three grades:

• Grade 1 exhibits no outward symptoms, but underlying changes can be seen via a microscope.
• Grade 2 has the skin showing a pastiness and a decrease in elasticity.
• Grade 3 presents with visible roughness of the skin.

While cellulite can affect both sexes, it is more common in women because they are likely to have the type of fat and connective tissue that can cause cellulite. Luckily for those affected by cellulite, there are several treatments to reduce the look of cellulite, including:

• Lymphatic flow and pneumatic massage
• Heat therapy
• Magnetic therapy
• Endermologie
• Radial wave therapy
• Ultrasound

There are also cellulite removal treatments that are supposed to work on fatty tissue; however, none have been proven to be effective. These include oral, topical, and injection treatments such as:

• Caffeine and theobromine
• Alpha-antagonists
• Amino acids
• Indian chestnut
• Ginko biloba

Other treatments include wearing compression garments to compress arteries, increase blood/lymph flow to reduce the appearance. One of the most effect treatments is eating a healthy diet and engaging in a regular exercise routine to reduce fat content, which will in turn reduce the appearance of cellulite.

St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

Dr. Thomas Wright and his staff at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center understand how cellulite can affect a person, especially her self-confidence and self-esteem. Says Dr. Wright, “I understand that cellulite can be a particularly distressing condition. It can preclude people from wearing certain types of clothing and avoiding situations that may put the cellulite on display.”

If you are concerned about cellulite, we invite you to schedule a consultation where Dr. Wright and our staff can help you find options that will reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Comparing the Types of Chemical Peels: Which One is Right for You?

If you are looking for a great, noninvasive procedure that can brighten and rejuvenate your face, you may want to consider a chemical peel. Chemical peels can help with a number of skin issues, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Spots/freckles
  • Fine lines/wrinkles
  • Skin brightening
  • Pigmentation issues

About Chemical Peels

As we age, skin rejuvenation can slow down. You skin can start looking dull as dead skin cells start to accumulate and/or wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear. Chemical peels can help by removing dead skin cells and stimulating new cell growth, which then provides a fresher, more youthful glow to the skin. There are often times where chemical peels are performed along with other cosmetic procedures to provide improved tone and texture, along with a completely rejuvenated look.

Types of Chemical Peels

Essentially, there are three different types of chemical peels: light, medium, and heavy/deep. Each type uses a chemical solution to remove the dead skin cells and stimulate cell rejuvenation at different skin depths. The type of solution used will depend upon your individual needs. Either a single chemical such as glycol, hydroquinone, or trichloracetic acid will be used, or a combination.

There is usually no need to numb the skin, unless you are undergoing a deep peel. The chemical solution is applied, after which the dead skin will start “peeling” away. During the procedure, you will feel either a warm or cool sensation, along with a slight stinging.

After the Procedure

The after effects you experience will depend upon the level of intensity of your chemical peel. Mild chemical peels will usually generate some mild redness and scaling. Medium and deep peels can produce a sunburn-like appearance and some blistering and peeling. All of these effects are completely normal for chemical peels.

At St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we offer all types of chemical peels. During your consultation, we will examine your skin and discuss the results you desire. We will determine the very best level of chemical peel for you. Also, we will discuss possible additional procedures that may be done along with the peel so that you get the very best results possible.

How Liposuction Can Improve Your Body

Many people who are considering procedures to improve their bodies often consider liposuction as one of the main cosmetic options available. In fact, liposuction is increasing in popularity as cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly accepted.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure that is used to remove stubborn fat deposits that are not responding to diet and exercise. Many patients have spent a great deal of time working out and eating a healthy diet, only to find themselves with some areas that are still a bit flabby. These localized, stubborn fat deposits can be found in areas such as:

• Abdomen/waist
• Hips/buttocks
• Thighs
• Back
• Knees, ankles and calves
• Chest
• Chin, neck and cheeks

The Liposuction Procedure

The actual liposuction procedure is actually a relatively non-invasive and gentle technique. The treatment area is numbed using a local anesthetic. The fat deposit is then gently loosened or dissolved using various techniques, including tumescent liquid injections, laser and even water-assisted techniques. These loosened fat deposits are then gently suctioned away using tiny cannulas or needles.

What Liposuction Cannot Do

When considering liposuction, it is important to understand the things that this procedure cannot do. It is not considered a weight loss therapy, as large amounts of weight will not be lost. While you may lose a pound or two, liposuction is actually considered a contouring process.

Additionally, liposuction will rarely help with sagging skin. Patients who are experience lots of loose skin that are the aftermath of pregnancy or losing a lot of weight should not expect that liposuction will eliminate these loose skin folds. It is also not a procedure that will eliminate cellulite.

The Ideal Liposuction Candidate

The ideal candidate for a liposuction procedure is one who is at or close to his or her ideal weight. These candidates should also have realistic expectations for the procedure and know the problem areas that can be treated through liposuction. Good candidates are also in generally good health and do not smoke.

At St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we are very experienced and knowledgeable about liposuction techniques. We invite you to call and schedule a complimentary consultation appointment. During this appointment, we will discuss your individual case, your expectations, and talk about the various options available. We want to ensure that you get the best results possible!

Male Plastic Surgery Procedures On The Rise

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We are seeing a very large increase in men who are seeking out cosmetic procedures. In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, since 1997 there has been an increase of more than 325% of cosmetic procedures performed on men. Currently, the numbers indicated that men only account for about 9.5% of the total number of procedures; however, they received nearly 1.2 million procedures in 2015.

Top Procedures

The most requested procedures by men include:

● Liposuction
● Eyelid surgery
● Male breast reduction
● Nose surgery
● Facelifts

According to Dr. Thomas Wright, of the St. Louis Liposuction Center, “There has definitely been an increase in male clients.” He says that this may be due to a change in workplace values that places emphasis on the importance of maintaining a youthful look.

Many men are seeking procedures that can help them feel younger and more confident in their work roles. Often, men seeking cosmetic procedures may be at the top of their career, and may feel young and confident, but may be worried that their outer appearance does not exude this confidence.

In the past, staying with the same company for 40 years was commonplace. However, those days are over. Today, seniority is not as important as productivity and energy, both of which are related to youth.

Male Cosmetic Procedures Becoming Less Taboo

Because these cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular among men, it has also become a less taboo topic of discussion. Men are openly discussing plastic surgery, which is actually a new occurrence.

Says Dr. Wright, “I am definitely seeing an increase in men coming into my practice seeking cosmetic procedures to help them keep or regain a more youthful appearance.” He continues, “I find it refreshing that more and more men are seeking cosmetic procedures now that these types of procedures have become more accepted.”

If you are interested in any type of cosmetic procedure, please give us a call. We are experienced and knowledgeable in many procedures, many of which are geared toward our male clients. Dr. Wright and his staff are happy to discuss any of the available procedures that can help you stay looking and feeling young. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.