Is 2014 your year?

If you’ve made a resolution to do something about those annoying pockets of fat that you can NOT get rid of, let’s make 2014 your year.

We perform Tumescent Liposuction, a safe, effective and permanent procedure to sculpt the body and remove fat. Tumescent Liposuction is a breakthrough procedure that uses only local anesthesia. The benefit to you? No risky general anesthesia, no long and nauseated recovery period, no extra fees for anesthesia and an anesthesiologist, and a comfortable procedure where you’re awake and listening to music while our experienced, award-winning doctor sculpts your body.

Our New Year liposuction special is $500 off one area, $1000 off two (if performed at same time).

Our consultations are free and without obligation. We are located just a few miles west of the new outlet malls in a discreet and sterile medical facility. Our doctor trained with the inventor of modern liposuction and attends master classes in body shaping and best surgery practices throughout the year.

Won’t you call us to find out what we can do for you? Don’t put it off and spend another summer wishing you’d done it. Together let’s make 2014 your year with a New Year liposuction.
abdominal liposuction in our St. Louis-area office

What it is:
Permanent, comfortable removal of fat

What it’s not:
An expensive day of surgery with multiple hospital and anesthesia fees, or a gimmicky treatment that relies on a terribly restrictive diet or costly supplements