3 Procedures That Can Take Years Off Your Face

Age comes for us all, leaving damage on our face that will only get worse with more years. Our faces will show off the signs of aging through fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and more. Fortunately, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that can help make your face look years younger. Take a look below at three procedures designed to recapture the youth you feel underneath!


If you are looking for healthy, glowing skin, you should consider getting a microdermabrasion. This procedure is able to fight off everything your skin has been exposed to over the years including UV rays, pollutants, and genetics. Our skin will begin to look older as the collagen and elastin levels begin to decrease; a microdermabrasion will help your skin reinvigorate your collagen levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin. The treatment removes the top layer of skin tissue and allows new, healthy skin tissue to take over its place. A handheld device is used to remove any dead skin cells and clear your pores. You skin will be looking better than ever!

Chemical Peels

Another great way to remove fine lines and wrinkles is by receiving a chemical peel. This treatment sounds worse than it actually is. Chemical peels work in a similar manner to microdermabrasion; the damaged skin tissue is removed so healthy skin tissue below can replace it. We use a chemical solution to peel away the damaged skin layers. Chemical peels are great at remove acne scars, wrinkles, and age spots. You will have younger and fresher looking skin with this short and simple treatment.

Photo Skin Rejuvenation

The fine lines and wrinkles we develop on our skin are due to a variety of factors. Lower levels of elastin and collagen can make wrinkles even more noticeable as we age. Other factors can include genetics or being overexposed to UV rays. Photo skin rejuvenation helps reduce the signs of aging by exposing your skin to light waves to heat your issue and increase collagen reproduction. Damaged cells are also removed with healthy skin cells remaining to take their place. This procedure is great if you are allergic to the chemicals used in a chemical peel.

Get These Cosmetic Procedures Today

If you want to look years younger, make sure you call today and ask for our free consultation. We will make sure you are a great candidate for one of these incredible cosmetic procedures that will reduce the signs of aging!