Botox injection

5 Places on the Face for a Botox Injection

One of the most commonly administered cosmetic procedures in the country is Botox, which you have probably heard of before. This incredible treatment is able to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines around several areas of the face. While it may be commonly known that Botox is injected in the face, it may be less common to know in which exact areas the injections are made. Here are the five places you can get a Botox injection to appear younger and with fewer wrinkles:

Between the Eyebrows

Botox can be injected in between the eyebrows to help reduce the appearance of vertical lines. These lines can make individuals appear angry or tired and get deeper with age. Receiving a quick Botox injection can help reduce the appearance of these fine lines.


A popular area for Botox injections is along the forehead. This area is prone to wrinkles appearing as we get older. The number of wrinkles increases as we age in this area especially. It can be difficult to completely remove wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, but you can find a more youthful appearance with Botox injections along this area.

Around the Eyes

One of the more popular areas to treat with Botox injections is around the eyes. This area is most often associated with “crow’s feet,” or fine lines around the eye region. More experienced cosmetic technicians can even help drooping eyelids with Botox injections.

Nose to Mouth

Improve the look of the area between the nose and mouth with a simple Botox injection. Fine lines commonly appear here with age.

Around the Mouth

The 5th area where Botox is commonly injected is the “smile lines” around the mouth. This area is more prone to wrinkles due to how our muscles form a smile. It is recommended that individuals receive Botox treatments when they first begin to notice fine lines in this area, as older patients may do better with a dermal filler. Learn more about Botox.

Botox Injection with the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

There has never been a better time to achieve a younger look than with a quick and easy Botox injection from the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center. Dr. Wright and his highly trained staff can help you achieve the younger look you have always wanted during your free consultation. Call today to see how Botox injections can help you today.