lipedema stages

5 Lipedema Stages

While Lipedema is a condition with little concrete information known about it, there are some details that medical professionals have determined. One of these details is that Lipedema is diagnosed across a variety of stages, with 5 different stages to be specific. These stages differentiate where across the body lipedema has developed. Here are the 5 lipedema stages:

Type 1

The first type of Lipedema stages is found in the area around the buttocks. The appearance of Lipedema can be unsightly and show as a disproportionate buildup of fat tissue. Most patients with type 1 Lipedema will experience pain and discomfort especially while sitting. We recommend liposuction as the top treatment option for this type of Lipedema.

Type 2

The second type of Lipedema extends further from the buttocks down to the knees. Typically, patients will begin to see folds of fat form around the inner side of theirknees. Type 2 Lipedema is more common than type 1 Lipedema, especially in women. We recommended liposuction and lymphatic drainage massage for this type of Lipedema.

Type 3

The third type of Lipedema stages continues to extend further down the lower part of thebody, from the buttocks to your calves. The entire lower body will become very disproportionate from the upper body and lead to heaviness in your limbs. Type 3 Lipedema is considered to be the most common form of Lipedema in the United States.

Type 4

Thefourth type of Lipedema begins to see the condition spread to the upper body, specifically targeting the arms. This type of Lipedema is the most uncommon and can lead to heaviness and discomfort in your arms. While lymphatic drainage massages are helpful, this area is effective with liposuction treatments.

Type 5

The final type of Lipedema is another uncommon condition that only targets the calves. The disproportion of the lower body will look different than the other types but still responds well to liposuction. Additional treatments include compression garments that when worn will help alleviate symptoms such as heaviness and feelings of pain.

Treatments of Lipedema Stages from the St Louis Laser Liposuction Center.

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