About Breast Liposuction

breast liposuction

For many women, the idea of breast reduction can be particularly appealing when placed in relationship with the idea of self-confidence. Whether a woman is seeking to contour her overall shape for a more preferred look or is looking to reduce the size of her breasts in general, augmentation often comes with a long list of questions and concerns on the part of the prospective patient. Breast reduction can help larger breasted ladies fit into more clothing options and reduce strain on the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

The procedure known as breast reduction is often initially thought of as a highly invasive technique involving significant time in the hospital and focused on recovery. Fortunately, the modern world of cosmetic surgery, services, and treatments allow patients the freedom to pick and choose from a variety of minimally-invasive options that come with the benefit of fantastic and safe results. Amongst these modern options is breast liposuction, which provides a route to reducing breast size and naturally lifting the breasts that many women are drawn to in the name of safety, efficiency, and successful results.

Benefits of the less invasive liposuction breast reduction include no risk of nipple loss or loss of sensation in the nipple, which can occur in up to 1% of open surgical breast reductions. Breast liposuction uses tiny punctures, so there are no large scars on the front of the breast that can open up. Breast liposuction recovery is faster and easier.

A Cosmetic Concept Redefined

For many years in the world of cosmetic alterations, liposuction has been used on a wide variety of areas of the body in the hopes of contouring physical appearance and tightening up areas of loose skin. From upper arms and thighs to the abdomen, liposuction has proved to be a highly successful option. While the results of liposuction on the breast are not as drastic as those achieved through more invasive procedures, this technique is very popular amongst patients looking for more natural or subtle-looking results. Patients with very large breasts or very long breasts that drop to the middle of the abdomen may want to consider the old fashioned open surgical breast reduction as the amount of reduction and lift that can be done is larger with the traditional open surgical breast reduction.

How Does Liposuction Work?

When a patient elects to reduce or contour their breasts through liposuction, the attending physician will ultimately be removing excess fat cells from the treatment areas using suction through a micro-cannula. Because the treatment area is precisely determined beforehand, the incision needed to insert the cannula into the breast is minimal at best, meaning patients don’t have to worry about scaring or difficult recovery periods complete with wound care or stitches. In fact, liposuction for the breasts can be performed in the comfort of the attending physician’s office as an outpatient procedure over the course of a single afternoon. Most procedures require only a local anesthetic to keep a patient comfortable.

Once the excess fat deposits are successfully removed from the treatment area, patients will ultimately notice a change in not only size, but lift of their breasts. This happens naturally as the breasts enjoy increased elasticity due to less weight and tightening of the skin.

Types of Liposuction for the Breasts

Patients today enjoy choices when considering liposuction for the breasts and often, these options make it easy to customize a procedure to fit an individual’s health requirements and aesthetic goals. While suction-assisted liposuction and ultrasound-assisted liposuction both have their advantages for patients, tumescent liposuction, in particular, has risen amongst patients looking to undergo a more natural-looking breast reduction. During tumescent liposuction, a combination solution of epinephrine and lidocaine is injected into the breast treatment area which not only numbs the patient sufficiently but restricts blood vessels in the area as well. Tissues begin to swell and as they do, fat cells begin much easier to remove through a cannula. This technique is popular amongst physicians for its ability to provide successful results without damaging nearby tissue in the treatment area. Considered gentle and effective, it’s quickly become a favorite amongst patients.

Cost Considerations for Breast Liposuction

As with all cosmetic treatments and services, liposuction for the breast comes with varying price points amongst different patients. Breast liposuction is usually combined with mimially invasive skin tightening technology like BodyTite or Renuvion. The cost of breast liposuction plus the skin tightening is generally less expensive than an open surgical breast reduction. The final cost of treatment often comes down to not only the severity of the area begin treated but the number of sessions that might be required to achieve successful and pleasing results. It’s important to discuss the price with your physician before undergoing any cosmetic treatment. The team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center is happy to help the patient understand their convenient in-clinic options regarding financing.

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