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Dr. Wright’s Liposuction Reviews by St. Louis Patients

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Dr. Wright and St. Louis Lipo Center Reviews

Five star laser lipo reviews
“Dr Wright knew something was seriously wrong and found me the right specialist at Wash U who saw me immediately over a holiday weekend at Dr Wright’s urging. Yep May Thurner Syndrome. Few doctors even know what this life-threatening situation is, far fewer know when to recognize. I now run the DVT & May Thurner Syndrome group here in FB with over 1,000 members with May Thurner Syndrome from all over the globe. I wish we were able to clone Dr Wright, I literally know over a thousand people who could benefit from him being on their team for our unique set of leg vein and leg vascular issues.

I sent one of my closest friends to Dr Wright for her leg issues, she cries HAPPY TEARS when she talks about the difference her life has become with his help.

I’m super critical of doctors after so many have blown off my serious leg issues – and worse – Yet Dr Wright is one of the rare gems who honestly, truly, cares.”

– Jeri Zerr

Five star laser lipo reviews
“I have had a wonderful experience working with Dr. Wright and his staff. Even though my procedure was not always pleasant, the kindness and caring that I received made it manageable. I would recommend Dr. Wright. I am, in fact, a repeat patient!”
– Martha B

Five star laser lipo reviews
“Wonderful results. Excellent staff. Friendly staff and helpful and a handsome Dr to look at! Awesome place!”

– Terry J

Five star laser lipo reviews
“I was so impressed with everything about this office, starting with the open feel in the waiting room (no sliding glass windows!), to the friendly check in desk, but mostly my nurse who did the testing. She was very efficient and explained things better than I’d ever had them explained, and joked and chatted appropriately, but with genuineness, not forced falseness like some nurses do. The doctor was very friendly and informative as well. I look forward to having my treatments done!”

– LM

Dr. Wright’s Liposuction Reviews

Five stars for Laser Liposuction Center
“Excellent. I wanted a flatter stomach and my expectations were very well met. Dr. Wright has very good bedside manners, and is very personable. He gave the procedure a very good explanation. The staff was great and made me feel like I’ve known them a long time. I would really recommend this procedure.”

– Diane

“From the moment I walked into the office I knew I had made the right decision: elegant and classic setting. a sweet and welcoming receptionist. I got even more reassured once I met with Dr. Wright. He was a really great guy and he really knew what he was doing. My Liposuction procedure was comfortable and I was awake the whole time. I am happy with the results . I would definitively recommend this place.”

– Ewenan

“I always wanted to do liposuction on my belly because that’s is the hardest part to get rid of!! Dr. Wright did a great job. I like my flat stomach.”

– Maria

“The staff was very supportive and I enjoyed the experience. It helped my mind & body self-esteem.”

– Joe

“My experience was simply spectacular. Dr. Wright and his staff are as friendly and professional as can be, and the consultation was thorough and accurate. I had the Laser Lipo Procedure performed on my flanks (love handles), and it was surprisingly easy with minimal discomfort during and after. In fact, the comfort level was so successful I was able to attend Game 6 of the 2011 World Series three hours following my procedure. Within a couple weeks I was back in my workout routine, which was told impossible by other doctors offering other types of non-laser lipo procedures. I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend Dr. Wright. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my experience including the results of the World Series!. . . . Unless of course Dr. Wright & his staff could have made Pujols stay in St Louis. Go Cards!”

– Zack

A Liposuction Patient Discusses Her Procedure



Laser Hair Removal Reviews

“The staff has been friendly and very considerate.”

– Dia

“This laser was great! NO pain like the other ones.”

– Donna

“The quality that was provided by Dr. Wright was extremely great. The staff were very supportive and helpful. I don’t think there are any areas for improvement”.

– Karamyit

“The staff are extremely nice and helpful.”

– Victoria

“The procedure was a piece of cake. There wasn’t any pain or discomfort involved.”

– Yvonne


Reviews on Dr. Wright’s Injections

“The Xeomin took effect almost immediately and softened the appearance of my fine lines. I barely felt a thing when I was injected. Every staff member I met has always been very helpful and attentive.”

– Mandy

“I have had many types of fillers before in my lips – the Xeomin and Dr. Wright’s skill made them look so natural. Xeomin worked better and faster than Botox I have received in the past.”

– Jeanne

“I was afraid fillers would make me look fake but I am really enjoying looking at my face, but better. I didn’t realize how nice I could look with just a little volume added back. It did not hurt and it’s completely worth it.”

– Michele

Five stars for Laser Liposuction Center
“I don’t miss my frown line! I look happier and calmer without that darn wrinkle on my forehead. The injection worked over the weekend and I still look younger and better rested.”

– Virginia


Cosmetic Skin Care Reviews

Five stars for Laser Liposuction Center
“I was not a believer in the skin tightening. But after one treatment, I am a TRUE Believer I saw immediate results and it only got better. I am going back for sure. The tech. who did the procedure was very knowledgeable and personable. I was completely at easy threw the whole thing. There was no pain, no down time and it really works. If you are reading this and want to see that wobbly chin go away, like I did, you need to go! It is worth it!”

– CG

“Really have enjoyed my facial felt cared about and nice people.”

– Brenda S

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Thomas Wright, MD