Acne Scar Treatment

In many cases, scars are a remnant of healing that has happened. However, most of us do not really want those scars to remain. Depending upon the severity, scars can cause us to feel less confident, or in some cases, insecure. Scars from acne are especially distressing, as most appear on our most visible part of our body—the face. Because of this, many seek out treatments that can help eliminate these scars.

Scar treatment has advanced over the past years, so there are many different procedures and solutions available to help remove acne scars. Permanent scar removal is a far better solution than covering them up with clothing or make up. At Laser Lipo and Vein Center top dermatologists in St. Louis offer several different treatments for acne scars.


Dermabrasion is the first line of acne scar elimination. It removes the top layers of skin to leave a smoother finish to the skin. This procedure will not make the scar disappear completely, but it can help improve the look and feel.

a syringe

Collagen Injections

Collagen injections are a great option for acne scars that have a more indented look and feel. These injections work by plumping up the area that is pitted or sunken. While the results are instant, they may not be permanent; therefore, repeated injections may be necessary.

Laser Removal

Acne scar removal via laser therapy is very effective. This procedure uses a beam of high-energy light that can remove or reshape scars. This technique is very popular, as it generates very satisfactory results and is a relatively painless procedure. Lasers are very effective for those suffering from raised scars.

Laser Lipo and Veins

If you are suffering from acne scars that are cause embarrassment or are just unsightly, it is very possible we can help eliminate them to give you clearer looking skin. At St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we have a team of professionals that can help reduce the appearance of these scars. Dr. Wright has years of experience performing scar treatment procedures with highly successful results. Please call us to schedule a consultation to discuss the best options for treatments that can give you the best results.