Acne Scar Treatment

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy, clear, and youthful-looking, acne breakouts can create a giant obstacle for teens and adults alike. Whether it’s an unexpected breakout or a more anticipated event due to skin type, acne breakouts can be distressing and difficult to eliminate for men and women alike.

Dermatologists and other medical professionals alike point at a variety of factors in the cause of acne breakouts across the body. While genetics play a primary role in who does or does not struggle with acne, other influences range from excessive oil production, hormonal fluctuations, bacteria build-up, and even diet choices.

Individuals struggling with acne breakouts are often advised to take certain steps to help reduce the likelihood of flare-ups and eliminate acne that’s currently found across the skin. From avoiding touching the infected areas, participating in regularly cleansing routines, moisturizing, and sticking to a healthy diet, small steps can make big changes in overall skin health. However, finding routes to reducing breakouts doesn’t always eliminate the evidence that acne was once an issue. For many who struggle with the condition, scarring from acne is a tell-tale sign that’s hard to hide. While acne can show up anywhere on the body where pores are clogged or oil production is excessive, it commonly appears on the face, making the threat of acne scarring that much more distressing for many.

As one of the most visible parts of our body to the rest of the world, acne scarring that occurs on the face can be a factor in a lower sense of self-confidence. The goal of wanting to put your best face forward each and every day can be hindered by scarring and acne divets in the skin that can be difficult to hide even behind well-placed makeup.

Luckily, acne scarring is no longer a condition that must just be endured and lived with. The field of cosmetic treatments and services has experienced wonderful advances in technology over the past several years and those looking to reduce or eliminate scarring now have plenty of options when it comes to potential treatments. There’s no reason to cover scars when there is the potential to remove them entirely.

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Reduction and Removal Options

From surface-level treatments to those that go below the skin to help eliminate the evidence of acne scarring, patients suffering from these skin impurities will find that options are not only versatile but minimally invasive and often completed with minimal recovery times involved. Whether you’re suffering from a minor case of scarring or have many problematic areas to deal with, it’s possible to find the solution that fits your every need.

Dermabrasion may be just the right choice for a patient with minimal acne scarring on the face and body that’s looking to treat the surface of the skin for a smoother look while not necessarily needing to eliminate scarring entirely for successful results. This technique gives an attending dermatologist or physician the option to remove the top layer of skin in the affected area to leave an ultimately smoother finish. A small handheld tool is utilized to carry out this exfoliating treatment which is known for leaving skin looking and feeling smoother overall.

For those individuals suffering from scarring that appears more dented in nature, collagen injections are often recommended as an appropriate and effective treatment option. Collagen is carefully and precisely injected into the scars and works to plum the area beneath the skin to reduce the appearance of sunken pockets. The great benefit of collagen injections is the ability to notice immediate results, however, most patients have to return for regular touch-ups to keep the desired effect in place.

Raised acne scars are some of the most noticeable, and for those individuals looking to reduce and eliminate this type of acne residue, laser removal may be the best route. Using precision energy, a physician can carefully reshape or remove scars entirely through a process that’s both quick and painless.

Cost Considerations for Acne Scar Treatment

As with so many cosmetic treatments and solutions, the cost of acne scar treatment will vary drastically between individuals. The final price associated with the procedure will greatly depend on the initial severity of the skin being treated as well as the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired results. The team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center is happy to offer flexible financing plans to patients in-clinic.

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