Areas for Liposuction You Don’t Usually Think About

When considering liposuction, many people think about the stomach, but have you ever wondered what other areas liposuction can help you slim down when diet and exercise have not worked? If so, fret not, as liposuction can help treat a variety of areas that most patients do not even think about. Here are some common areas we treat that you may not have known are good spots for liposuction:


The back of our knees is one area that is highly susceptible to unwanted fat tissue and is difficult to target with exercise. Genetics plays a large role in the fat content on our legs and can make it even more difficult for some. Liposuction can easily target behind the knees, helping remove this unwanted fat tissue and get you back on your feet within 48 hours. The procedure is simple and you will remain comfortable from start to finish. We recommend pairing this procedure with inner thigh liposuction for an overall slim appearance for your legs.

Calf and Ankles

Liposuction can also target your calf and ankle to help you achieve slimmer legs. Our calves are another area where genetics play a significant role in fat buildup, making it difficult for regular diet and exercise to help. Fat tissue can also build up around our ankles, giving you a disproportionate look to your legs that can leave you embarrassed. Similar to knee liposuction, the procedure is relatively quick and painless. We advise our patients to keep their legs elevated for about a week after the treatment to accelerate their recovery.

Back and Bra Line

Perhaps the most commonly thought of area for liposuction would be our abdomen. It is an area where we notice fat accumulate quickly. However, our back and bra line can have fat buildup as well, creating contour issues such as bulges and rolls and leaving you wanting to avoid tight clothing. Liposuction in this area can vastly improve your self-image by achieving a more contoured back that is smooth and looks great. Don’t feel bad about having to treat this area, as many women can develop fat in this area due to genetics.

Your Liposuction Needs Are Treated Here

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