Ask Men: Is Liposuction Right for You?

St Louis Laser Liposuction Center | Dr. Wright- Liposuction for menMen, are you wondering if liposuction is the right method to improve your self-image? And if so, how does the procedure work?

If you have trouble getting rid of stubborn fat in the abdomen, neck, breasts or other areas of the body, then you’ll find liposuction to be an effective, quick and relatively painless step – that will transform the way you look and feel.

Liposuction works by first numbing the desired area with safe tumescent solutions. During the course of the minimally invasive surgery, patients will remain awake. Next, surgeons will use miniscule cannulas that measure the size of a pen tip, which will be used to suction the targeted fat. The effects of liposuction will work immediately, and one of the bonuses is that scarring is rare, so no one has to know about “work done”.

Why Get Liposuction At This Stage?

Here’s why other men in your shoes are signing up for liposuction:

  • Success – it’s no secret that beauty and success correlate. This can be attributed in part to confidence.

  • Confidence – the more confidence men exude, or anyone for that matter, the more likely they are to be successful.

  • Beauty and Dates – when you feel great about yourself, it shows. Take control of your love life, by breaking out confidently on the dating scene, with your newly shaped image.

  • Fit, Young and Manly – a toned physique is typically linked to individuals who are youthful and filled with vigor and energy.

There are so many other reasons to sign up for liposuction as a man, if you’re not already convinced.

Areas to Tackle

The most common areas to get rid of fat is on the abs, chest and love handles. Despite age or DNA makeup, men can take control of their life – and achieve the image they’ve always desired.

What’s more? Cosmetic surgeons are now doing a playful take on male stereotypes, when it comes to labeling services. As an example from an article posted on Business Insider: “Here’s Why There’s A ‘Huge Boom’ In Men Getting Plastic Surgery”, one Manhattan surgeon talks about cosmetic procedures like the Daddy Do Over – as a tradeoff for Mommy Makeovers. Then there’s the body builder, male model or Forbes facelift for CEOs for instance, where procedures are customized to fit these careers or male types.

Whatever you choose to shape up, liposuction in the end, is a quick and painless touchup that solves years of weight and image conflicts in men – when diet and exercise don’t work. This is why it’s ranked as one of the top cosmetic surgeries in both men and women, as per the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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