Bellafill: Effective Treatment for Acne Scars

For many years, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have sought a more effective solution to treat acne scars. Patients who suffer from this issue experience the self-esteem and social awkwardness of living with the effects of this scarring. In the past, lasers proved to be a somewhat effective way to treat acne scars. However, the process was slow and for the best results, patients had to endure discomfort, downtime, and a long process. Fillers were also an option; however, these are a temporary solution, with the scars reappearing as the filler breaks down.

Bellafill Proves to be “Different”

The new Bellafill dermal filler is completely different than other fillers. Not only is it long lasting, it is often far more effective that other fillers. There are several things that make Bellafill different. First, it is made of two components: bovine collagen, which will not breakdown and instantly fills in the scars, and small PMMA beads, which also do not breakdown. These beads also help reproduce collagen. Essentially, the body will absorb the bovine collagen, while the PMMA spheres remain to provide volume to the area. In some cases, Bellafill has a five-year effectiveness, so it is a great option for acne scar treatments because of the lasting results.

One of Bellafill’s biggest differences from other fillers and treatments is that it can effectively treat deep, severe acne scars. Lasers can be effective on shallow scars, but a combination treatment of lasers and Bellafill will provide a better result for those suffering from deep scars.

The Bellafill Procedure

The Bellafill procedure is rather simple. First, you will undergo a skin test to rule out any possible allergic reactions, as Bellafill contains collagen. The acne scars will be treated using a special needle to release the “tethers” that hold the scars. This is done under a local anesthetic for a relatively pain-free procedure. After the subcision, the scars will be filled with Bellafill.

After the procedure, you will see immediate improvements. The collagen in Bellafill will dissipate during the next few weeks and months. The small microbeads will interact and create new collagen to smooth out the scars.

Says Dr. Thomas Wright of Laser Lipo and Vein Center, “Bellafill is a wonderful treatment for anyone who has been looking for a more effective way to get rid of acne scars.” He continues, “We are seeing great, long lasting results from this innovative filler.” If you are interested in more information about Bellafill, please give us a call and we will schedule a complimentary consultation.