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Revision Liposuction – Get the Results You Deserve

Have you placed misguided trust in another cosmetic physician for your liposuction needs, only to be let down with a botched procedure? If so, you are not the only one, as thousands of Americans each year find the results of their liposuction procedure to not be what was advertised. Liposuction results gone wrong can be due to a variety of issues: an incompetent cosmetic physician, rushed procedure, or a lack of knowledge about your own personal needs. Liposuction is a procedure often seen as a last resort, especially when strict

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Acne Treatment

Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment Options

There is nothing worse than putting time and effort into a well thought out skincare regimen and still being stuck with acne. Most individuals often think acne is a skin condition that only impacts teenagers and that it vanishes after puberty. However, acne is a common and occasionally serious skin condition that can impact millions of adults each day. Our office can help treat your moderate to severe acne with one of our simple and effective treatments. Here are our moderate to severe acne treatment options available for you: Chemical

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Areas for Liposuction You Don’t Usually Think About

When considering liposuction, many people think about the stomach, but have you ever wondered what other areas liposuction can help you slim down when diet and exercise have not worked? If so, fret not, as liposuction can help treat a variety of areas that most patients do not even think about. Here are some common areas we treat that you may not have known are good spots for liposuction: Knees The back of our knees is one area that is highly susceptible to unwanted fat tissue and is difficult to

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Why We Use Puregraft for Fat Grafting Procedures

Recent advancements in cosmetic enhancements have led the way to the development of fat grafting. This procedure works by removing fat tissue from other portions of the body, typically around the abdomen, waist, and hips, and using this fat tissue to augment the breasts and buttocks. However, fat grafting does not have the best rate of success for fat tissue to remain in the injected areas. The fat tissue can sometimes be reabsorbed back into the body. In the past few years Puregraft has hit the market, bringing with it

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Skin Treatment

Can You Actually Reverse Sun Damage?

One of the biggest factors that can lead to an aged appearance is sun damage. It can be difficult to avoid harmful UV rays, especially during the warm summer months, but it is critical to take care. Purchasing skincare products can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. Some products claim to protect your skin entirely, while some say they can reverse sun damage. But can our skin actually recover from such damage? Unfortunately, it all depends on who you ask. What Your Sun Damage Can

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Hair Loss

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Is your hair loss or thinning becoming more noticeable with each passing day? Millions of Americans are impacted by hair loss each year. Thanks to the cutting-edge advancements in research and treatment, hair loss is no longer a reason to feel down. PRP therapy is a treatment that uses platelet rich plasma to treat a variety of skin conditions. Now, current research has discovered how to use PRP therapy to help stop your hair loss. Here is what you need to know: How PRP Treatment Works PRP therapy for hair

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Does Age Affect Fat Grafting Results of the St. Louis Augmentation Procedures

It’s tough to live in a world that judges people on looks alone, but that is our reality, and as we grow older, we look for ways to stay young. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new hairstyle or working out a little longer, but for many people, it takes a lot more effort, especially as our curves start to migrate to areas they should avoid. In women, previously perky breasts start to sag and lose volume, while stomachs begin to protrude and take on that extra volume or thighs

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Emsculpt vs Liposuction: Which is Right for You?

We all want to attain the best-looking shape our bodies can achieve. Some try harder than others with a consistent diet and exercise. While many of these individuals can achieve the results for which they work so hard, some may not see the same results so easily. When this occurs, you can explore the many options you have to remove unwanted fat tissue and tone your body further. We offer Emsculpt and liposuction, two of our most popular treatments, to help you achieve this. These procedures are vastly different and

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breast augmentation

Proposed Warning for Breast Implants from FDA

Similar to other cosmetic procedures on the market, there are risks associated with breast implants in St Louis MO. Recent news has shed light on proposed warnings and risks that breast implants can have with the development of lymphoma. The FDA first established a possible connection between the two back in 2011, resulting in all physicians reviewing possible risks with patients. Since then, the FDA has developed additional proposals focused on the risk that breast implants can have on Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma, or ALCL. Cases of Lymphoma The first thing

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PRP Therapy vs Chemical Peels in St Louis

You can fight the signs of aging with a variety of treatments we currently offer. These treatments make it easy to get rid of acne scarring, age spots, and fine lines, but each treatment has subtle differences, making it ideal for certain people. PRP therapy and chemical peels in St Louis are two of our most trusted procedures but work very differently. Here is how PRP therapy and chemical peels compare to one another: Chemical Peels in St Louis Perhaps one of the most recognized age reduction procedures is the

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