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Announcing Office Hours & COVID-19 Update

We miss you and can’t wait to see you again soon… We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on how we will proceed with seeing patients.  First, it is important to understand that while St. Charles County has authorized the re-opening of most businesses, this is not a green light to go back to “business and usual” and disregard safety measures such as observing social distancing rules, staying six feet apart, wearing a mask, hand washing, and other safety protocols. Our plan is to resume patient

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Increased Risk to Mental Health from Cosmetic Office Closures

The world is dealing with an unprecedented crisis with the sudden onset of COVID-19. This ongoing issue has forced entire countries to shut down and wait it out. The United States is no different, with many states asking citizens to stay at home and quarantine. A big impact has been seen in the area of cosmetic or elective surgery offices. These offices have been deemed non-essential by many state governors and only operate for necessary medical procedures. Many patients of these type of offices receive ongoing treatments such as dermal

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Safety Measures & Virtual Consultations

While you may be thinking that the COVID-19 health crisis has shut down the doors of cosmetic offices, we are happy to inform you St. Louis Liposuction is still here to assist you. This sudden crisis has completely changed the way cosmetic offices such as ours can continue to operate safely and provide you with the incredible service for which we are known. St Louis Lipo has elected to implement additional safety precautions such as increased sanitation and virtual consultations. These additional guidelines will help our patients and staff remain

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Facial Masculinization Fillers

Social media has taken over the world in recent years. Where you once could only find models on the runway or in a magazine, you can now see them all over your Instagram account. Instagram models and influencers are able to showcase their looks easily over the web. Women are not the only ones showcasing their beauty; plenty of male models can be seen showing off their perfect features. One way that aspiring male models boost their confidence and looks is through the use of a new cosmetic procedure, facial

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What Is Breast Reduction Liposuction?

What Is Breast Reduction Liposuction? Liposuction, as a technique for the removal of excessive fat deposits throughout the body, has long been recognized as a safe, efficient and highly successful form of cosmetic alteration. Today, liposuction is an extremely common choice among patients and its appeal often lies in the fact that it can be performed with the benefits of a quick recovery period and minimal to no scarring. More recently, the benefits of liposuction related to breast reduction have gained popularity among patients and physicians alike. So, what is

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A COVID-19 Update from St Louis Laser Liposuction Center

A COVID-19 Update from St Louis Laser Liposuction Center Learn more about how to protect yourself and others during this time of crisis!

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Join FDRS in Recognizing National Rare Disease Week

If you have been diagnosed with or are experiencing the symptoms of a rare disease such as lipedema, it can be difficult to find the support you need. However, you are not alone in the fight against lipedema and other rare diseases, as research and support is available depending on where you look. The Fat Disorders Resource Center is one such hub of information and leads the fight in understanding lipedema. Millions of Americans experience the symptoms of lipedema every year but still have difficulty finding a proper diagnosis and

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Cosmetic Surgery

Your Complete Guide to Cosmetic Facial Treatments

If you are looking to fight off the signs of aging or want to reduce the appearance of skin deformities, you may be looking for a facial cosmetic treatment. We currently offer a variety of facial cosmetic services that will help you look great again without any significant recovery times. Our treatments include everything from scrubbing away dead skin tissue to using state of the art equipment to increase the collagen production in your skin. Here is what we offer for our cosmetic facial treatments: Chemical Peels Chemical peels have

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Liposuction Procedure – Preparation Before Surgery

We offer all of our patients a set of guidelines and recommendations to follow before any procedure we provide. This ensures you can reduce the risk of any complications and ensure your procedure goes smoothly. With liposuction, it is especially important to follow these simple recommendations for good preparation before surgery: Plan Ahead It can be easy to overlook how your body will feel after your liposuction procedure. While most of our treatments are minimally invasive, they can leave you feeling sore depending on where the procedure occurred on the

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10 Incredible EmSculpt Facts

One of the best procedures currently on the market to help you tone your body with no side effects is EmSculpt. Take a quick look at these incredible facts about EmSculpt and you may just be easily convinced it is right for you: 20,000 Crunches If you hate doing crunches, you will love EmSculpt. This procedure creates muscle contractions in your abs that are equivalent to over 20,000 crunches. The procedure is much faster than going through that at the gym! Less Than Half an Hour How fast do procedures

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