Coolsculpting in St Louis

Body FX vs Coolsculpting in St Louis

When it comes to cosmetic procedures that can help you remove unwanted fat tissue in hard to treat areas, you have quite a few options out there. Two of the most popular cosmetic procedures that do just that are known as Body FX and Coolsculpting in St Louis. Both procedures can help you get rid of pesky fat that dieting and exercise have been unable to get rid of. Here is how Body FX and Coolsculpting in St Louis stack up:

The Procedures

Unsurprisingly, Coolsculpting uses a noninvasive procedure that “freezes” fat tissue beneath the skin. Coolsculpting has been used to “freeze” away fat tissue without the need for incisions like there is in standard liposuction procedures.

Body FX uses a completely different methodology for equivalent results. Instead, Body FX melts away fat tissue with a hand-held device that can target specific problem areas of the body that diet and exercise have difficulty getting rid of.

The Results

Both Coolsculpting and Body FX deliver similar results: permanent removal of fat tissue from the treated area. While this fat tissue is removed and will not come back, you can still gain weight in that same area.

The Risks

Coolsculpting became popular for its low cost and easy administration. However, Coolsculpting in St Louis has become known for several potential side effects from the freezing process that can complicate your treatment. Known side effects include skin redness in the treated area, bruising, swelling, ulceration, severe pain, and skin unevenness sometimes referred to as “shark bites.”

On the other hand, you will be hard pressed to find any risks associated with Body FX. Our technicians make sure each patient is safe with the handheld device to help monitor their health throughout the procedure.

The Benefits

While both procedures can produce fat loss benefits, Body FX is the clear winner with overall benefits. Unlike Coolsculpting, Body FX can precisely target hard to treat areas and help tighten your skin for improved body contouring. Coolsculpting is unable to provide anybody shaping benefits and takes longer during the treatment session. Body FX can be done is as little as 15 minutes per treatment area. Most patients even say that Body FX feels like a warm massage and do not experience pain. Coolsculpting is typically uncomfortable as the patient sits through an hour-long session with intense cold placed on their body.

Body FX and Coolsculpting in St Louis at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

If you are looking for help on getting rid of unwanted fat in hard to treat areas, look no further than the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center. Our staff is led by the renowned Dr. Wright, who has years of experience in providing Body FX and other weight loss procedures. Call today for your free consultation and see if Body FX is right for you.