Body Sculpting With Liposuction

(Body) Sculpting a More Confident You

If you are currently considering liposuction body sculpting, you have probably carefully weighed the pros and cons of undergoing this cosmetic procedure. We live in an image-conscious society, and everybody wants to look his or her best. Liposuction is usually talked about in terms of sculpting the body, mainly because the procedure is used to remove specific pockets of fat to create a more pleasing appearance (much like a sculptor removes pieces of stone to create his final piece of art). But human beings aren’t made of stone, and they have underlying reasons for seeking these procedures.
Liposuction – and most cosmetic surgical procedures, for that matter – is usually sought because patients want to feel more comfortable in their own skin. In a culture that celebrates health and appearance, everyone wants to feel just as confident in a bathing suit as they do in a power suit. Body sculpting procedures like liposuction can help with this by creating that trim profile most people crave. This fact isn’t based purely in conjecture; the numbers tell a similar story.

Patient Satisfaction and Liposuction

A study reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons supports the claims that cosmetic surgeons have been making for years: liposuction and other cosmetic surgical procedures significantly improves self-esteem and quality of life in the vast majority of patients who undergo these procedures. The study, which surveyed 360 patients in Kansas, was very illuminating.

  • On average, patients who underwent liposuction gave their results an 8 out of 10 score.
  • 86 percent of patients said their self-esteem increased.
  • About 70 percent reported a better quality of life.
  • Nearly 98 percent of patients said they would get liposuction again.
  • Almost every respondent would recommend the procedure to others.

One of the statistics that stands out in this report is the high number of patients who reported a better quality of life. Self-esteem is usually expected; when you look good, you are more likely to feel confident. But quality of life is also becoming increasingly important to the doctors who perform these procedures.

Better Quality of Life With Liposuction Body Sculpting

In medicine, quality of life is usually assessed in terms of who you are; how you are connected to your environment; and whether you achieve your personal goals, hopes, and aspirations. It seems that liposuction body sculpting helps patients feel better about themselves and the way they are perceived. And in terms of goals, hopes, and aspirations, many patients who undergo liposuction aspire to be healthier. The removal of unwanted fat, it stands to reason, helps them achieve just that.