Learn About the BodyFX Procedure

Individuals looking to get rid of stubborn fat cells and the appearance of cellulite can often find the road to change frustrating. Positive and productive lifestyle changes such as a committed diet and regular exercise are a wonderful way to get rid of excess fat deposits, but due to factors such as genetics there are some deposits of cells that simply won’t disappear no matter how many trips to the gym are involved. For those that have worked hard to lose weight, these problematic areas of fat cell accumulation can prove to be a difficult physical hurdle as well as an emotional one. It’s not uncommon for patients dealing with hard to lose fat to struggling with self-confidence as well.

When it’s time to take care of those areas that just won’t budge otherwise, BodyFX in St Louis has proven to be a safe and efficient method for many. Non-invasive and providing pleasing results, BodyFX St Louis is helping patients contour their body and get rid of those problematic fat deposits once and for all.

Understanding Body FX in St Louis

BodyFX is an innovative approach to removing stubborn fat cells that provides patients with even more options for comfortable, safe and effective cosmetic treatments. Using the power of radio frequency energy, Body FX in St Louis provides a path for cosmetic physicians to target problematic areas through deep tissue heating and suction. This dual effort approach comes with the added benefit of no associated downtime post treatment and beautifully contoured results.

How It’s Done

Advancements in cosmetic technology such as BodyFX means patients now have choices made to fit their preferences, time constraints and desired outcomes. Those who elect BodyFX can do so in an outpatient setting. This procedure is generally performed in the comfort of an attending physician’s office making it a convenient and time-efficient experience. During the procedure, the physician moves the hand-held BodyFX device over the specified treatment area allowing radio frequency energy to penetrate the skin and begin breaking down fat cells at the same time. While many patients elect to use BodyFX to treat areas on the hips, thighs, abdomen and waist, the procedure is equally effective on the upper arms, legs, inner knees and bra line.

Results and Recovery

The majority of patients report BodyFX to be a virtually painless experience. At most a light suctioning sensation and warming is experienced while the procedure is being performed. While some patients will only require a single session to see results, others will require a series of sessions depending on the severity of the area being treated. Many patients are happy to find that BodyFX proves successful at reducing the appearance of cellulite, creating an overall smoother look to skin and reducing the size of areas where fat has long been accumulating.


BodyFX is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that comes with very little risk to patients. Because BodyFX does not require the use of general anesthesia, patients enjoy an experience free of risks associated with a hospital stay or length recovery period. While some patients may choose to use a local anesthetic cream, this is not required. In the majority of situations, patients return to their daily routine immediately after treatment without any issues.


The team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center is happy to walk patients through the many options we provide for payment plans and financing. We strive to make sure that every experience at our clinic comes with a variety of options to make your experience as smooth as possible.

When It’s Time for a Change

If you’re considering BodyFX when it comes to removing stubborn fat cells or the appearance of cellulite, make sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wright at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center today. This consultation is a wonderful time to get to know Dr. Wright and for him to go over the many services and treatment options available at our clinic. We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive approach to care and every treatment plan begins with a thorough examination and in-depth conversation covering patient questions, concerns and preferences. At the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we understand that every cosmetic change comes with an emotional impact. We’re here to help our patients set goals on both fronts for an experience that is not only successful but safe and comfortable too. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey to change!