Breast Lipo vs. Traditional Breast Reduction

When considering breast reduction, you may initially think there is only one procedure to consider. Increases in cosmetic safety procedures have developed additional techniques to help reduce your breasts to a size that is manageable. Breast reduction is not an easy choice, but can greatly increase your daily comfort level, especially when your breasts cause pain. Current procedures available mostly rely on traditional breast reduction and breast liposuction procedures. Here is a breakdown on these two procedures to help you choose the right procedure for you.

Breast Liposuction

The more popular of the two procedures is breast liposuction. While this procedure is able reduce the breast size modestly, it typically works better on older patients who have large deposits of soft, fatty tissue to remove. The procedure typically becomes less effective on dense breasts that are usually found in younger patients. The procedure is unable to tighten the skin and is not able to help with sagging. While breast liposuction falls in this area, it outdoes itself with the minimally invasiveness nature of the procedure. The incisions used for this procedure are minimal and can be hidden very easily, even when putting on that flattering bikini. Soreness and swelling is expected following breast liposuction for several weeks with swelling commonly to last for a couple months. This procedure is preferred for fatty breasts and those who are looking to have less scarring following the operation.

Traditional Breast Reduction

Traditional breast reduction surgeries have been available for years and are a common practice at most cosmetic surgery offices. This procedure is helpful in being able to reduce the breast size in any amount that is desired. You can reshape your breast, reduce the size, and even tighten the skin. Unfortunately, the scars following the procedure are significant in size and circle around the areolae and extend out from the bottom. This procedure is more invasive than breast liposuction and requires general anesthesia. Patients can expect to be sore similar to breast liposuction for several weeks after the procedure. This procedure is recommended for anyone who wishes to tighten the breasts due to sagging. Be aware of the probable scarring that will be visible after the surgery.

What Procedure is Right for You

Just hearing about these vastly different procedures may still leave you with questions on which one is best for your needs. Dr. Wright and his team of professionally trained surgeons at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center are available to give you a consultation and help you make that difficult choice. You will be in good hands with their vast hands-on experience and customer satisfaction. Give them a call today and change your life for the better!