Ankle and Calf Reduction Liposuction

Fat deposits in the ankles and calves are typically related to our genetic makeup. As a result, no matter how hard we diet and exercise, fat in this area may be there to stay without the help liposuction. Calf reduction surgery is typically combined with ankle liposuction also to achieve the desired leg silhouette most people are looking for. Some women not so affectionately describe the combined shape of calf and ankle as a “cankles” when referring to over ample ankles and calves.

One patient's results after undergoing a long-needed calf reduction surgery.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary

Benefits of Calf Liposuction

  • Calf reduction surgery can help anyone with heavy ankles and calves achieve the ultimate sexy legs to feel confident wearing dresses, shorts or skirts.
  • Achieve a calf and ankle silhouette that is proportionate to the rest of your body.
  • Resume daily activity in as little as 48 hours.
  • In addition, some patients with a medical condition called lipedema will benefit medically from ankle and calf lipo. If you believe your heavy ankles and calves are the result of a medical condition, give us a call to discuss how a calf reduction may improve your health.
The back of one patient's legs prior to their calf reuction surgery. The same patients legs seen directly after their calf reduction surgery.
A picture of one of our patient's before they underwent calf reduction surgery. A picture of the same patient after her calf reduction surgery had been completed.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary


  • It is important to check for and treat any vein or lymphatic issues prior to calf and ankle liposuction. An evaluation with a Doppler venous ultrasound should be performed by a surgeon experienced with treating venous and lymphatic medical conditions to make sure all contributing factors to calf enlargement have been accounted for.
  • Get Better Results – with a surgeon experienced with liposuction and treating venous and lymphatic medical conditions. Get smooth looking calves that remain proportionate with the rest of the legs.
  • Cost-Friendly Transparent Pricing– makes lipo accessible to everyone. Financing available through Care Credit.
  • Top Safety Ratings – check our status on safety. You’ll be impressed.
  • Minimally Invasive – this procedure is safe and virtually pain-free. We’re trained in keeping calf reduction simple.
  • Normal activities can be resumed after a few days, while strenuous activities such as jogging, running, lunges or weight lifting should be avoided for at least one month following calf reduction surgery.
  • Never say “My calves are huge!” again.

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