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Get a Contoured Look With Arm Liposuction

Many people want those toned, healthy looking arms. We hate looking at flabby, loose skin that makes us feel older. Many work out, diet, and do everything possible to achieve the toned look. However, trying to sculpt this area can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, the upper arms are very resistant to diet and exercise due to exercise-resistant fat deposits. Arm liposuction procedures can give you the results you want — those toned, sculpted arms. The arm liposuction procedure can be very effective in quickly and safely removing the fat from

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Dr. Wright

Tumescent Liposuction is Safer Than Previous Techniques

Many people seek liposuction to create a sleeker, more contoured appearance. Most, if not all, want to know that they are undergoing a safe, yet effective procedure. Of course, safety is paramount during any liposuction procedure. While most techniques are considered safe, there are concerns and risks blood loss and long recovery times that are associated with traditional liposuction. Today, there is a procedure — tumescent liposuction — that is considered “safe liposuction”. What is Tumescent Liposuction? The tumescent liposuction procedure does not require hospitalization, blood transfusions or other similar

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Dr. Wright

Hospital Ownership of Physician Practices May Be Driving Up Prices

There is a current trend occurring across the country of hospitals buying doctors’ practices. Statistics show that the number of practices owned by hospitals has doubled from 2001 to 2008, meaning less physician owned practices. The results of this vertical integration means there are many more producers of services that are either commonly owned or related. So why should hospitals and doctors integrate? The Affordable Care Act provides incentives in the form of Medicare payment bonuses for hospitals and practices to form what are known as Accountable Care Organizations. On

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Dr. Wright

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