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Is Emsculpt Worth It?

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Is Emsculpt Worth It? Now that it’s officially Spring, the summer pool season is quickly on its way. If you’re looking to address stubborn problem areas in preparation for a much-deserved vacation, EmSculpt is a worthy treatment option! A non-invasive body contouring procedure, EmSculpt is the first treatment that both enlarges current muscle and builds new muscle fibers through high-intensity electromagnetic therapy. EmSculpt is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure, requires no downtime, and will have you in and out of the office in less than an hour. That leaves most individuals

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Diastasis Recti & How Emsculpt Can Help

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The abdominal muscles are some of the most targeted muscles on our body for improvement. No matter how many sit ups you do, all of your hard work can be thrown out the window with a condition called diastasis recti. This condition occurs when the vertical column of muscles in your abdomen are separated down the middle. The most common cause for diastasis recti is pregnancy, as the uterus presses forward against your abdomen. If you are experiencing diastasis recti, a simple procedure called Emsculpt at St. Louis Lipo can

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