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Dr. Wright

HealthTap’s “Most Thanked Phlebologist”

The HealthTap community is an online gathering of thousands of doctors who specialize in a wide variety of fields and the patients who seek expert medical advice for free from these doctors by asking health-related questions through the site. HealthTap provides a valuable service to countless people who aren’t sure how to proceed with their medical concerns and seek legitimate direction and advice. Among the many doctors who offer their services to the patients of HealthTap, Dr. Thomas Wright has received particular appreciation for his ongoing involvement in the HealthTap

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Dr. Wright

Are Healthcare Costs Rising Because of Practice Consolidation?

Two studies recently published in the Journal of American Medical Association presented results that illustrate the recent trend of medical practice consolidation is affecting the cost of healthcare services. This trend is a result of hospitals and large medical groups purchasing private physicians’ practices. The two studies indicate that because of decreasing competition and the increasing number of hospital-owned practices, healthcare costs could be rising. Conducted by researchers at the University of California, one study examined the overall healthcare expenditures of 4.5 million patients in California. The patients in the

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Dr. Wright Attends Liposuction Master Class

Dr. Wright and Christina, RN, went to San Juan Capistrano for a Master Class with Dr. Jeffrey Klein, the inventor of modern liposuction. This is Dr. Wright’s second session with Dr. Klein’s hands-on continuing education. New equipment was discussed, as was technique and patient care. Also attending were MDs from all over the country. The workshop was enlightening and enjoyable, and we are grateful to Dr. Klein’s office for the continual dedication to excellence in liposuction.

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