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How to Spot Skin Cancer

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There are many health conditions that can cause lifelong changes. Cancer is one such condition, as it often requires highly invasive treatments and a rigorous screening to identify any changes. Luckily, skin cancer is not quite so devastating when it is identified early. Finding changes in your skin can be done with simple observations over the year. However, a knowledgeable source is your most trusted guide and can be found in our ABCD skin cancer screenings. How to spot skin cancer, understanding certain risk factors, and seeking the appropriate treatment

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Skin Cancer Treatment

Unexpected Places You Can Get Skin Cancer

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Skin cancer is most recognized to develop along the face or arms since these areas are most exposed to UV rays from the sun. However, many may not know that skin cancer can develop in other areas of the body that can be unexpected. Here are the unexpected places you can get skin cancer: Scalp Skin cancer can develop on your scalp in more extreme cases. Many dermatologists recommend wearing a hat if you have a lighter-toned hair color or thinning hair. If you have any of these hair types,

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Cosmetic Surgery

Why Australian Women Are Aging Up to 20 Years Faster than US Women

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While many of us consider living near the ocean to be a luxury, there may be a price for that. Not only is the cost of living high, the price our skin pays may also be high. According to a study, those living in Australia may be experiencing the signs of skin aging at a higher rate than those in America and Europe. It may be aging the skin of Australians up to 20 years faster. According to a study by dermatologists at Monash University, Australia’s closer location to the

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Lack of Understanding Surrounding Sunscreen

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You probably understand the importance of wearing sunscreen when you are out enjoying a sunny day. However, do you really understand sunscreen? For instance, do you know what SPF actually mean, or perhaps what broad spectrum means? In a recent survey, it was found that many people really do not understand the terms used to classify sunscreen. Even those survey participants who had a family member with skin cancer lacked a good understanding of sunscreen. Many rely on the SPF rating alone when choosing a sunscreen. You should understand that

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Skin Cancer Screening Tips for the Summer Months and All Year Round

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The warm summer months are upon us, bringing those lazy days where we want to just lounge in the sun, soaking up those bright sunny rays. We love having that bronze look to our skin. Often that tanned look brings the feeling of being healthier and more attractive. However, that tanned look can bring some health risks, most notably skin cancer. Skin’s Overlooked Functionality The skin is actually the largest organ in the body, and has many important functions, making it imperative to keep it healthy. The skin acts as

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