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Chin Liposuction vs Coolsculpting

When it comes to facial contouring, the chin can be a problematic area for many people. Due to both time and genetics, the skin around the chin and neck can lose elasticity creating a “double chin” effect that many find unpleasant or displeasing. While the traditional route to reducing a sagging chin was chin liposuction, advances in the field have introduced the option of Coolsculpting. While both remain viable options for potential patients, there are some differences to be considered.

Procedural Approaches

The most noticeable procedural difference between chin liposuction and Coolsculpting comes down to the level of invasiveness each requires. Chin liposuction involves the extraction of excessive fat deposits from around the chin through suction. Several small incisions are made around the area to be treated and an attending physician removes fat deposits with the assistance of as mall cannula. Coolsculpting is a completely non-invasive procedure where excess fat is frozen from the outside of the skin without incisions or suction.

Results and Recovery

Patients who elect chin liposuction can expect to see results within 10-14 days after surgery as swelling and bruising reduces. Recovery downtime is recommended at approximately 1-week post-procedure and the use of a supportive chinstrap for 3-4 days following treatment can greatly support successful results. Patients who elect Coolsculpting will see results within 3-weeks of the procedure with virtually no downtime. Coolsculpting in an out-patient treatment option that allows patients to resume normal daily activities following the procedure.


Both chin liposuction and Coolsculpting offer results that alter the appearance of a sagging chin. Although more invasive, liposuction is a method that provides permanent removal of fat deposits and therefore is generally a procedure that only needs to be undergone once. While Coolsculpting is often recommended as a series of procedures to ensure great results, the added benefits include a non-invasive technique and the elimination of recovery time. For patients who have saggy or loose skin chin liposuction is usually preferred because chin liposuction is often combined with skin tightening. Coolsculpting is usually a bit more expensive than chin liposuction. This is especially true if two or more Coolsculpting treatments are needed. Learn more about chin liposuction.

Candidates for Chin Liposuction

As an exterior approach to fat-deposit removal, ideal candidates for Coolsculpting need only to be near their ideal body weight and in overall general health. The more invasive nature of liposuction tends to make for a more difficult recovery for patients over the age of 50. Those interested in liposuction as a treatment method are generally between the ages of 20-50 and in overall good health.

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