lipedema treatment

Comparing the Top Lipedema Treatment

We have seen a rise in cases of lipedema across the country in recent years. This debilitating condition can bring about unwanted side effects without a clear reason why. Similar to other medical conditions, there are a variety of treatment options available for those diagnosed with lipedema, from more conservative options that are designed to repel future fat buildup to more involved measures to remove the lipedema fat tissue. Let us take a look at the top lipedema treatment options currently available:

Compression Stockings

You have probably seen compression stockings at your local pharmacy; they can help with a variety of different conditions. A more medical grade of custom-fitted and tight garments can help lipedema patients by preventing the buildup of additional fluid in the legs. If you have low blood pressure can also be helped with compression stockings, allowing for better blood circulation. Overall, wearing compression stockings can help patients’ symptoms, but they must also be worn at all times when you are up and or your feet are down.

Diet and Exercise

Following a regular diet and exercise regimen is recommended for anyone, but it can be particularly useful for those diagnosed with lipedema. While diet and exercise cannot reduce the appearance of lipedema, it can help reduce side effects such as inflammation and fluid buildup. You can also experience greater mobility and help lose non-lipedema fat tissue with consistent exercise.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Our lymph circulation is also impacted by the onset of lipedema. Stimulating your lymph vessels and nodes through a manual lymphatic drainage can allow them to drain into the venous system and relieve pressure. Like the other listed treatment options thus far, this treatment is unable to reduce the appearance of lipedema.


Long term results can be achieved through more extensive treatment options. Our office specializes in lipedema liposuction to remove lipedema fat tissue and help reduce pain. Our patients generally use local anesthesia for the procedure and may require several treatment rounds depending on the severity of the diagnosis. Liposuction is able to provide gradual changes in appearance of lipedema through a complete round of treatment and post-operation recommendations such as compression garments. It is never easy to take on lipedema, but liposuction can help you with a more in-depth treatment option.

Choosing the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center for Your Lipedema Treatment

If you are ready to make the change and seek lipedema treatment, make sure you choose the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center. Our staff, led by the renowned Dr. Wright, has years of experience treating this condition and is ready to help you. Call for your free consultation today and see how our liposuction procedures can help you.