Procedures to Avoid

Dangerous Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid

We always strive to look our best. This can be achieved with a variety of cosmetic procedures available from our highly trained staff. Other cosmetic offices may advise a dangerous procedure that will only put your body with unnecessary risk, but we always put your safety first. Here are some cosmetic procedures to avoid:

Butt Implants

You can improve the look and size of your backside with a fat transfer procedure. This treatment lets us transfer fat tissue from one area of the body to your buttocks. Some cosmetic surgeons may instead advise a butt implant. However, butt implants place a foreign object inside your body that only causes additional risk of side effects. Your body may reject the implant and need to be immediately removed.

Lip Implant

Another type of implant that needs to be avoided is a lip implant. There are much safer alternatives to increasing the size of your lips—one way is with a fat transfer to the face. Your body will not reject your own fat tissue and instead provide your lips with a good increase in size.

Fat Removal for the Cheeks

Some individuals want to decrease the size of their cheeks, thinking it will provide a thinner look. While this can be understandable, the option of fat removal in the cheeks has become more popular across social media but without initial thought. Most individuals who seek this already have a thin profile and removing the fat tissue can make them appear hollow. Appreciate the unique way your cheeks look and refrain from this dangerous procedure.

Non-Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The last treatment we recommend avoiding is the use of a facial filler that does not use hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is a naturally produced substance commonly found in the body. Other fillers may not use this and put your body at risk for rejection. Severe cases of rejection can leave scarring on the body and even cause tissue death in the areas of the injection. Avoid this unnecessary risk and always use hyaluronic acid.

Your Certified Cosmetic Experts & Procedures to Avoid

Put your trust in those who are certified to treat your cosmetic needs. We offer a free consultation that will provide you with all the details about your procedure before you make a decision. Call today and see which treatments we can offer you.