Learn About Dermaplaning Facts

While our skin works hard to protect us on a daily basis, the world we live in is not ideal for maintaining a smooth, vibrant and healthy complexion over the long-term. The natural aging process in combination with harsh pollutants in the air as well as exposure to strong UV rays can result in a layer of dead skin cells that tend to show up most noticeably on the face. While creams and serums provide a topical solution to damaged skin, there are times when a more aggressive solution is required to regain a youthful complexion.

For men and women looking for a route to rejuvenating facial skin, Dermaplaning in St Louis is an increasingly popular approach to cosmetic skin care. This exfoliating technique goes below the level of dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter and more youthful skin below.

Dermaplaning St Louis


Understanding Dermaplaning in St Louis

As an outpatient treatment option, Dermaplaning in St Louis can be performed in the comfort of an attending physician’s office in a matter of minutes with virtually no downtime to speak of. A certified cosmetic physician will work with the patient to decide what areas of the face require the most exfoliation before moving forward with treatment. When it’s time to begin, the physician will generally use a 10-gauge blade to gently remove dead skin cells from the surface. As these skin cells are removed, micro hairs are removed as well. For patients who use makeup on a daily basis, the removal of micro-hairs comes with the added bonus of a smoother application surface to work with.

The majority of patients report that Dermaplaning in St Louis comes with a sensation similar to shaving. The high-end blades that are used to administer Dermaplaning make this procedure highly precise and able to deliver up successful results without a recovery period required.


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Benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is an effective solution for those patients that are looking to not only renew their facial complexion but soften skin overall. Removing dead skin cells on the face promotes new skin cell growth, leaving skin softer than ever before. As an added benefit to more youthful and healthy-looking skin, the removal of fine hairs during this process can reduce the likelihood of sweat and oil getting clogged in facial pores over time. This results in a moisture-rich look that can also potentially help prevent outbreaks of acne. While some patients worry that removing fine hairs during Dermaplaning will result in regrowth that is darker and stronger, this isn’t the case. Most patients experience regrowth that is similar in hue and texture to original hair that was removed during treatment.

Treatment Follow Up

While Dermaplaning doesn’t come with any downtime, it’s important for patients to avoid the sun after treatment or wear an effective sunscreen if it can’t be avoided. Some patients experience mild sensitivity to sunlight after the top layer of skin has been removed with Dermaplaning. A single session of Dermaplaning takes approximately 30-minutes depending on the size and severity of the treatment area. While a single session is always an option, most patients that elect Dermaplaning go into treatment with a plan to return to sessions every 21 days to maintain successful and healthy results.


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