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The Influence of Diet and Acne Outbreak

A quick search online can bring you countless results showing you that special diets can have some sort of impact on your acne outbreak. Research studies during the 1960s made the thought popular that what you eat impacts your acne. Some 20 years later, a few research studies tried to break that thought and dictate that diet simply had no correlation to your acne. The American Academy of Dermatology has now proven once again that diet does in fact play a big role in your acne outbreak.

It’s About What Is In Your Diet

The authors of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, or JAAD, decided that the world needed a clear consensus about diet’s impact on acne. Results show that diets that are high in glycemic levels can in fact interfere with your acne. High glycemic foods are those that typically get digested by the body much faster; these foods may include your favorite fast food items and packaged foods. High glycemic foods can be especially dangerous for those who are diabetic. The processed carbohydrates and sugars can interfere with their blood sugar levels if left unchecked.

While the results of Dr. Stein Gold and his co-researchers show that individuals should stay away from high glycemic foods to keep their acne in check, they should also watch out for dairy. Limited research results were also found between the relationship of dairy products and acne outbreaks. Dairy products such as skim milk are shown in the study to have a smaller impact. While the results are inconclusive, they are important for those who have been unable to find proper treatment and a specific reason for their outbreak.

Help Clear Up Your Acne Outbreaks Today

Further research attempts will hopefully provide clear and concise reasoning to how our diet can directly impact our acne outbreak. A healthy diet can be the start you need to help clear up your acne. Fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods are important for any diet but especially those prone to acne outbreaks. High glycemic foods can only make your acne worse.

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