Does Age Affect Fat Grafting Results of the St. Louis Augmentation Procedures

It’s tough to live in a world that judges people on looks alone, but that is our reality, and as we grow older, we look for ways to stay young. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new hairstyle or working out a little longer, but for many people, it takes a lot more effort, especially as our curves start to migrate to areas they should avoid. In women, previously perky breasts start to sag and lose volume, while stomachs begin to protrude and take on that extra volume or thighs pop out as derrieres fall and flatten, and we start to wish there was a way to transfer that fat from our stomach to our breasts.

The good news is that with St. Louis augmentation procedures, it can and has been done successfully; the bad news is that a new research study has been conducted with results showing that younger women retain volume from fat grafts far longer than older women. And even though this study was meant for people with facial deformities, either by birth defect or accident, augmentation specialists are taking notice.

The Study

The researchers at Stanford University came to this conclusion by studying fat grafting in three different groups of mice. Divided into age groups that corresponded with human age groups, each group contained 15 mice. By six weeks into the study it was determined that the youngest group (Group A) had a 79.7% volume retention, the middle group (Group B) had a 56.9% volume retention, and the oldest group (Group C) had a 45.9% retention. By the end of the study, two weeks later, those numbers had lowered to 73.3%, 45.3%, and 35.4% respectively. In addition, it was discovered that the healthiest grafts were found in Group A.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you are suffering from a cranial-facial anomaly, this study suggests that corrective measures should be taken sooner rather than later and that the standard procedures of reconstructing the bones first and then going back to reconstruct the soft-tissue should be done in reverse order. But if you’re simply looking to have a St. Louis augmentation procedure done to your butt or breasts, this study simply means we have more research to do. It can be a consideration when making the choice between implants and augmentation, but because there still could have been other factors involved in the study that aren’t known yet and the fact that the study was performed to evaluate reconstructive purposes, augmentation is still a wonderfully viable option in your goal for a healthier and slimmer you.

Let’s Talk About the St. Louis Augmentation Procedures

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