Emsculpt vs Liposuction: Which is Right for You?

We all want to attain the best-looking shape our bodies can achieve. Some try harder than others with a consistent diet and exercise. While many of these individuals can achieve the results for which they work so hard, some may not see the same results so easily. When this occurs, you can explore the many options you have to remove unwanted fat tissue and tone your body further. We offer Emsculpt and liposuction, two of our most popular treatments, to help you achieve this. These procedures are vastly different and recommended for those seeking particular results.


If you are more worried about toning individual muscles in your body instead of removing fat tissue, you should consider Emsculpt. This procedure works by giving your treated muscles supra-maximal contractions through electromagnetic waves. When applied to your abdomen, Emsculpt has the same effect as 20,000 sit-ups. Emsculpt can be provided in as little as half an hour, with two to four treatments recommended within a few days apart for the best results. Emsculpt can also reduce some fat tissue in the treated areas. Additional benefits include not having a recovery time. Most patients will only feel a soreness similar to muscle tightening. Emsculpt is recommended for those near their ideal BMI who are looking to achieve additional muscle tone.


When you are looking at instead of removing more fat tissue, you might want to consider liposuction. We offer several liposuction treatments, including tumescent liposuction, that removes small pockets of fat tissue in a treated area. Small incisions are created to remove each pocket of fat tissue to allow for a quicker recovery time as opposed to large incisions. Unlike Emsculpt, tumescent liposuction requires more downtime for recovery and requires patients to wear a compression garment to avoid blood clotting. Anesthesia is used during each procedure making sure you remain comfortable. Tumescent liposuction is the procedure of choice for those who prioritize fat tissue removal over muscle toning. Ideal patients are also those who are close to their recommended BMI and not looking for large scale fat tissue removal.

Treatment at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

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