Emsculpt – A Natural Approach to Reducing Fat


When it comes to overall health and maintaining a figure that’s pleasing, many people begin with a regimen of diet and exercise. It’s not uncommon for both men and women to design a plan to fit their physical appearance to align with an emotional standard. Unfortunately, genetics can be stronger than even the most dedicated sense of motivation when it comes to body shape, contouring, and size.


For many people, the development of fat cells and deposits in undesirable locations is something that can’t be helped. Common areas that can be difficult to contour and sculpt with exercise and diet alone include the arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttock.


When your best efforts seem to have been in vain, cosmetic treatment is always an option. This ever-growing field of potential has seen impressive strides in the last several years and many prospective patients are drawn to the possibility of Emsculpt in St Louis when it comes to contouring those areas that exercise isn’t affecting.


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Mimicking the Effects of Crunches

Traditional exercise and its positive effect on the body were the inspiration behind the development of Emsculpt from the very beginning. The many crunches, cardio and toning routines that men and women participate in contract the muscles and ultimately diminish fat cell buildup over time. This concept was used to create Emsculpt which mimics exercise at a highly increased rate for more efficient results. Many patients are excited to choose St Louis Emsculpt as it is considered a non-invasive treatment option that has proven to come with wonderful results. Those who elect to use Emsculpt for contouring will take part in an FDA-approved procedure that utilizes innovative electromagnetic technology to contract muscles in a targeted area at intervals of speed that could not naturally be obtained. This high-intensity approach means fat cells and deposits are diminished more quickly as the rate of metabolization is increased.


Administering St Louis Emsculpt

Patients looking for a quick, efficient, and painless procedure will be thrilled with the experience and results provided by Emsculpt. These outpatient treatment options can be performed right in the comfort of the attending physician’s office. The device used on the outside of the targeted treatment area is contraction-inducing and allows electromagnetic waves to dive deep beneath the surface of the skin where fat deposits collect. A single session is 30 minutes, and during this time, Emsculpt will contract muscles in the treatment area over 20,000 times. Many patients find that Emsculpt in St Louis leaves the treatment area not only tightened but also toned and contoured to their desired preferences in a short amount of time.

Results and Recovery Expectations

Unlike some cosmetic services designed to contour, Emsculpt comes with the added benefit of long-term results. Because Emsculpt is designed to promote natural fat-burning in the body, it can be expected that results can be maintained long after treatment has been administered. While it’s common for patients to report noticeable differences after a single treatment, many patients will be prescribed a series of up to four treatment sessions in order to achieve their best results. Recovery time associated with Emsculpt is minimal to non-existent. In fact, many patients that elect to use Emsculpt resume their normal and daily routine immediately after treatment and don’t experience any noticeable side effects.

Other Exciting Benefits of EmSculpt:

  • Up to 30% reduction of fat in the treated area.
  • Up to 25% more muscle in the treated area.
  • Up to 19% reduction in abdominal separation.
  • Up to 6 cm of waist circumference reduction /[ 2 1/2 inches smaller waistline] shown both by MRI and Ultrasound.

While results and recovery are highly successful with Emsculpt, it’s important to note that this cosmetic treatment option is not a weight-loss solution. The ideal candidate for Emsculpt is already fairly close to a healthy body weight prior to treatment and is using Emsculpt to merely contour and not reduce overall body fat. Physicians looking to treat patients with a history of cardiac problems, hernias or seizures will likely be recommended a different route for contouring treatment in order to avoid complications associated with underlying health issues.

Cost Considerations

On average, patients who elect to use Emsculpt for contouring can expect a final price tag of somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000 for a series of four treatments. Please check with our office because of the popularity of the Emsculpt we often have special and incentives. It’s important for patients to discuss the financial side of treatment with their physician prior to undergoing Emsculpt as it’s likely that totals will vary between patients depending on the areas being treated and the number of sessions required. The team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center is happy to go over the many options available to patients related to financing and payment plans.


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