Diet and exercise have long been the recommended first plans of attack when it comes to reducing stubborn areas of body fat accumulation. For both men and women, there are certain factors that contribute to pockets of fat cells refusing to budge, no matter how many sit-ups or push-ups are done, or how many salads are consumed. For some individuals, genetic predisposition means that fat has a greater tendency to congregate around the abdominal wall, buttocks, arms, and thighs. For many individuals, no amount of diet or exercise realistically helps them achieve the desired aesthetic they seek. For those who stick to a regular diet, participate in physical activity and have their eyes set on contouring their body to a particular shape, Emsculpt may be the perfect solution.

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Emsculpt: An Overview

There are only so many crunches a person can do in a day. The reality of exercise and diet is that there are limits. Where natural responses fall short, advances in the field of cosmetic technology have picked up the pace. Professionals in the field have long recognized the need for an approach to reducing fat and toning muscle that far surpasses the effects of push ups and crunches while sticking close to the same technique. Out of this concept and hope, the idea of Emsculpt was born. This innovative, FDA-approved strategy for reducing fat and toning muscle is a non-invasive procedure that works to contract muscles at an increased rate compared to traditional exercise, providing superior results in less time.

Emsculpt uses electromagnetic technology that’s administered to the targeted area of the body with a hand-held device. Electromagnetic waves are delivered at high-intensity intervals which contract the muscles, metabolize fat and ultimately tone and contour the area to the desired effect. Emsculpt is able to successfully contract muscles over 20,000 times in a 30-minute period, making it a highly-effective addition to standard exercise when muscle tone is the end-goal. Over the course of the treatment session, contractions will be induced at varying intervals. Patients often enjoy progressive contraction momentum as electromagnetic waves are steadily increased during the session to keep the patient comfortable while delivering the intense muscular workout that delivers highly successful results.

Many patients report feeling and seeing immediate results after a half-hour session in the comfort of an attending physician’s office. Doctors will regularly recommend a treatment plan that includes two to four 30-minute sessions. With each treatment, fat cells continue to dissipate as muscle tone increases meaning results continue to improve in the 2-4 weeks following a session. Patients that experience the most success with Emsculpt are those that are within close range of their ideal BMI, regularly exercise and are committed to a healthy diet. Physicians generally agree that the results of Emsculpt are long-term when patients maintain healthy lifestyles following the session plan.

One of the greatest benefits of electing Emsculpt in St Louis to contour and tone the body, as well as one of the most appealing factors to patients, is the absence of downtime associated with this type of treatment. As a non-invasive procedure, Emsculpt doesn’t require a patient to face any of the risks associated with hospital stays, general anesthesia or prolonged periods of recovery. Emsculpt can be performed as an out-patient procedure right in the attending physician’s office. This makes it both a comfortable and convenient experience for patients and physicians. On average, the length of a session extends no longer than 30 minutes. There is no need for any anesthetic with this type of treatment as the muscle contractions are induced using a topical approach. This reduces any risk of allergic reactions to local anesthetics which would otherwise work to numb the treatment area. Many patients are scheduled for four sessions that fall within 2-3 days of each other, giving cosmetic physicians a chance to closely and continually monitor the patient’s progress in a familiar setting.

On average, patients who elect to undergo Emsculpt treatments can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000 for a four-part treatment series. Looking ahead, many patients who are satisfied with the results will go on to continue treatments in the long-term.

It is important to note before electing Emsculpt that patients that would not benefit or could experience detrimental results from Emsculpt are those that have a medical history of cardiac problems, those who are pregnant and those that suffer from hernias. Similarly, it is not recommended that patients with a history of seizures, have recently had surgery or are looking to lose a significant amount of weight through cosmetic alteration undergo Emsculpt.

Emsculpt for Abs

While Emsculpt is an ideal solution for toning arms and thighs, it is highly popular amongst patients looking to reduce abdominal fat and tone the stomach as well. The supramaximal contractions delivered to the abdomen during treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups and or cruches in 30 minutes. Clearly, this isn’t something the average person could achieve, but with Emsculpt patients experience results equal to if they had. Emsculpt is also proving highly successful when treating patients struggling with Diastasis Recti. Individuals with this condition experience abdominal muscle separation which results in a pouch-like appearance of the lower abdomen. This is extremely common for women to experience after pregnancy. Emsculpt is often a preferred solution for rectifying muscle strength in the abdomen for those with Diastasis Recti due to its quick and proven results.

Another highly popular reason for choosing Emsculpt for the abdomen is the lack of associated downtime. Emsculpt comes with the added benefit of achieving the results of spending hours at the gym without having to do so. Many patients who elect Emsculpt for the abs lead busy lives and not having to worry about a significant recovery period while expecting dependable results provides peace of mind and of course, time. Emsculpt is a wonderful way to achieve natural looking results that go beyond what crunches can provide. When the body is encouraged to metabolize and tone at an increased rate, patients can expect to be pleased with the results.

Emsculpt in St Louis for the Buttocks

Similar to abdominal treatments, Emsculpt has quickly gained popularity with patients looking to tone and tighten muscles in the buttocks. Treatments are administered in an identical fashion to the abdomen, arms, and thighs. When the buttock is treated with Emsculpt, patients will achieve a noticeable firming, smoothing and lift in this area over the course of several treatments. It is not uncommon for patients to request a dual-approach Emsculpt series where the abdomen and buttocks are both treated within a single session.

Emsculpt for the buttocks is just as time efficient as a treatment performed on other areas of the body. Supramaximal contractions in this area result in the body naturally responding as it would if you were to spend endless hours at the gym. In only 30 minutes patients can achieve results that would take months or more to acquire through regular exercise. The lack of downtime and the longevity of toning and tightening make Emsculpt a highly successful approach for patients who are looking to contour this area of the body. Those who are looking to combine Emsculpt for the buttock with regular exercise will find they have achieved a significant platform from which to continue with their physical fitness goals.

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