Emsculpt – A Natural Approach to Reducing Fat

The desire to contour the human body to a preferred aesthetic is a natural motivation. Throughout history, men and women have taken great measures to ensure that their physique matches the way they feel on an emotional level. While many people begin with diet and exercise, far too often genetics can get in the way of physical goals. Even the best intentions are not necessarily enough to counter the effects of stubborn fat deposits that settle in undesirable areas of the body. For many, these displeasing areas of fat accumulation are most noticeable around the buttocks, abdominal wall, thighs and arms. When diet, exercise and an endless number of crunches just aren’t cutting it, patients often turn to Emsculpt as the preferred solution.


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A Natural Approach to Reducing Fat

When it comes to fat reduction, the body naturally knows best. Through traditional exercise, fat cells are diminished as muscles are contracted at a high rate of speed. Using this biological model, the concept for Emsculpt came about as cosmetic physicians recognized the benefits of treatments that mimic the process of crunches and push-ups to achieve successful results in less time.


How Emsculpt in St Louis Works

Emsculpt has quickly become a popular choice amongst patients seeking a non-invasive procedure that produces successful results when it comes to contouring. As an FDA-approved approach, Emsculpt in St Louis has the capability to contract muscles at an increased rate in comparison to traditional exercise. Using electromagnetic technology, a certified cosmetic physician will use this contraction-inducing device to target problematic areas for patients. As electromagnetic waves penetrate the surface of the skin, they cause muscles to contract at high-intensity intervals which promotes a hyper-increased metabolization of fat. The result of this treatment is an area that is eventually tightened, toned and contoured to the desired shape. Many patients are thrilled to learn that Emsculpt has the capacity to contract muscles over 20,000 times in just a 30-minute treatment session. Far beyond any number that can be achieved at the gym, a series of Emsculpt treatments can provide very successful aesthetic results in a short period of time.

Recovery and Long-Lasting Results

With Emsculpt results are not only successful but long-lasting. Promoting a natural approach to fat reduction at an increased rate allows the body to maintain its contoured integrity long after treatment sessions are complete. Most patients feel a difference after a single session while noticeable results can be seen after a series of two to four sessions. Each session results in fat cells breaking down more frequently as muscle tone increases. An additional benefit of Emsculpt is the fact that patients are able to resume their daily activities after receiving treatment and most experience no side effects whatsoever.


The Ideal Candidate for Emsculpt

The dramatic and highly achievable results associated with Emsculpt can mistakenly cause patients to think of this treatment option as a weight-loss solution. Much like liposuction, Emsculpt provides the best results when the patient is already close to their ideal body mass index prior to treatment. Emsculpt is considered a solution for contouring the body and not as a weight loss option for patients looking to shed a significant number of pounds. Additionally, it’s important to note that certain underlying medical conditions may mean a patient is not an ideal candidate for this type of treatment. Those who suffer from cardiac issues, have a history of seizures or struggle with hernias are not advised to turn to Emsculpt for contouring.


Cost of Emsculpt

As with all cosmetic treatments, the cost of services varies drastically from patient to patient depending on the size and severity of the area being treated. Similarly, the number of sessions required to achieve successful results can alter the cost of care significantly. On average, Emsculpt treatments are priced anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000 for a four-session treatment series.


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When you’re considering the many benefits of Emsculpt for contouring the body and reducing pockets of fat that otherwise won’t disappear with diet and exercise, it’s important to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Wright at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center. An initial consultation provides the necessary time to sit down with your physician and discuss your preferences, concerns, and questions surrounding cosmetic alterations.

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Patients should make sure to check with their individual insurance providers concerning potential coverage for Emsculpt. When insurance isn’t an option, our clinic is happy to offer patients a variety of choices surrounding payment plans and financing.

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