Endovenous Ablation Therapy Treatments

Varicose veins plague a large percentage of the nation’s population. They make an unsightly appearance through the skin’s surface, and are often very uncomfortable. However, what’s more concerning is that they can lead to serious health issues if left untreated, including ulcers and phlebitis. Endovenous ablation therapy has proven to be one of the most effective solutions for those who suffer from varicose veins. It’s a newer technique that has become increasingly preferred among patients and doctors.

What is Endovenous Ablation Therapy?

Endovenous ablation therapy is a type of laser therapy that is successful in getting rid of larger varicose veins. Watching on an ultrasound screen, doctors insert a highly concentrated beam of light through a small needle directly into the vein where it will absorb the heat. This is a fairly quick procedure done in office that is a great alternative to surgery, as it is less painful and invasive, has a shorter recovery time, and only requires a light sedative or local anesthesia. By using precision to point the laser fiber only in the location that is to be treated, it also avoids damaging the surrounding tissue.

How Does It Work?

When targeted veins come into contact with the intense heat of lasers, they become damaged and scar tissue will form. The vein is then closed off because of the scar tissue, which means it can no longer receive blood supply to keep it alive. The blood that was feeding into the varicose vein will be redirected to healthier veins. After dying off, the diseased vein should be absorbed into the body and disappear. It’s common for endovenous treatment to work the first time, but there may be circumstances when a second laser treatment is necessary.

Endovenous Treatment from St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

For the best chance of receiving a positive outcome with little to no side effects, you will need a doctor with extensive experience performing endovenous treatment. That’s why so many patients turn to Dr. Wright at St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center to seek treatment for varicose veins. The goal of endovenous ablation therapy will be to alleviate the appearance and symptoms of your venous disease and prevent the development of more dangerous medical conditions.

If you are having a problem with varicose veins, our medical professionals can aid in their elimination while helping you to avoid surgery, higher healthcare costs, and significant downtime.