The FaceTite Procedure

No matter how old we get, we often still feel like a teenager inside, and so it can be a real shock to look in the mirror and see an old person’s face staring back at us! The wrinkled skin that sags and droops in all the wrong places and jowls along the jawline that resemble those that appear on our bulldog’s face surely can’t belong to us, right?

Until recently, our only hope for change involved an invasive surgical procedure undergone with a general anesthesia which could take months to recuperate from, and when done incorrectly, could leave us looking permanently surprised! Changes in medical technology, however, have brought us a new procedure called FaceTite, and the natural-looking results are making the world take notice!

Minimal Risks and Maximum Results

The FaceTite procedure is one that can be performed on an outpatient basis and requires only a local anesthetic, which means the heightened risks from undergoing general anesthesia will be eliminated. Using radiofrequency waves of energy, the doctor sculpts and contours the skin and jawline using a steady hand and micro-sized cannula, giving the patient almost immediate results. As the waves of energy penetrate the skin, stimulating collagen growth that both tightens and smooths the appearance of the face, the patient is aware of the entire proceedings.

Results may vary from person to person

Taking about two hours out of the day (the procedure itself only takes about 30 to 45 minutes) and having a recovery time of about three days to a week, the results are both long-lasting and miraculous. The redness and swelling that appears after the procedure dissipate within a week, and the patient is able to return to normal life activities in approximately three to four days and can go back to work in a week.

One of the best parts of the FaceTite procedure is that the results are so natural. If the patient doesn’t want to share his or her business, coworkers may think the new and improved face is due to the restful nature of the vacation from which the patient had just returned!

Results may vary from person to person

Give the Aging Process a Timeout!

Aging doesn’t always have to be a sad and frightening experience. The St. Louis Laser Lipo Center can help you fall in love with the stranger in the mirror once again! Schedule an appointment with us today and let us help you give the aging process a timeout!