FaceTite Vs Traditional Face Lifts

The signs of aging come for us all at some point, creating wrinkles and fine lines across the face and neck. Cosmetic procedures such as traditional face lifts have been around for years to help improve the visible signs of wrinkles across the face. More recently developed procedures such as FaceTite can help secure the same results without any of the risks associated with traditional face lifts. Here are benefits and drawbacks of a traditional face lift and FaceTite.

Traditional Face Lifts

Traditional face lifts are a surgical procedure used to combat the effects of aging, including relaxed skin and collection of fat tissue. The procedure has cosmetic surgeons pulling and tightening muscles in the face to create a more youthful appearance. This will allow the face to have more aesthetic contours and a rejuvenated appearance. Traditional face lifts are invasive and require surgical incisions for the procedure. Patients can expect scarring around the areas treated, along with a lengthy recovery time. This procedure can benefit those who have severe skin laxity.


FaceTite is a recently developed procedure that has been creating excitement in the cosmetic industry. This procedure uses a non-surgical approach to gain the same results of a traditional face lift. Radio frequency energy is used to heat the skin to “melt” the fat and tighten the loose skin on treated areas. FaceTite has an added benefit of renewing collagen growth that can help make your face look younger and tighter. This procedure is best for those with moderate skin laxity. Since surgery is not involved in FaceTite procedures, you can expect a short recovery period and no noticeable scarring. The results last for years and can be combined with other procedures or fillers to achieve maximum results.

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