What Is Facial Fat Grafting?

Dr. WrrightMany of us want to lose weight all over, but not in our faces. This is because standards of beauty tell us that volume in the face is related to youthfulness. When we look in the mirror, we can see the difference too with age.

Skinny cheekbones for instance, can make us look haphazard, and lethargic, even if this isn’t the case. And because image truly matters in our beauty-driven society, many of us will go to great lengths to improve our appearance, whether this means a facelift, botox or juvederm.

Now a game-changer has promised to help men and women all over look naturally youthful and supple in the face, without the bother of knives, pain, or frozen muscles.


With a process known as fat grafting.

How Facial Fat Grafting Works
Fat grafting is pretty straightforward. We recommend consulting with practiced surgeons, who will give near-perfect results.

The First Step

It begins by harvesting fat through liposuction. Tumescent solutions are used to numb the area, and micro-cannulas inserted through tiny pen-tip sized points. This means there’s a rare risk of scars. While substantial levels of fat aren’t taken out from the donor site, some patients do benefit from fat loss where desired. Ask a surgeon if added fat can be lipo-ed before completing the procedure.

The Second Step

Micro-injections of the harvested fat are implanted in the face, where lines, wrinkles, jowls, crow’s feet and other blemishes may be present.

The procedure is quick and carries little to no downtime.

Fat grafting can also be performed on other areas of the body, like the breasts or buttocks. Patients will be happy to find that it’s minimally invasive, and the results are permanent.

Fat grafting in the face is beneficial for other flaws besides those seen with aging, and these include acne or chicken pox scars. In many cosmetic surgery practices, fat grafting is seen as a revolutionary treatment to fill-in recessed scars and burn-marks, so that patients can feel confident to show their face to the world.

There’s no emphasis needed on how much of an asset confidence can be. It can be the best accessory worn when heading to work, on a date, or meeting new people in life. In fact, studies show that confidence is one of the most attractive qualities, no matter who’s staring.