Facial Masculinization Fillers

Social media has taken over the world in recent years. Where you once could only find models on the runway or in a magazine, you can now see them all over your Instagram account. Instagram models and influencers are able to showcase their looks easily over the web. Women are not the only ones showcasing their beauty; plenty of male models can be seen showing off their perfect features. One way that aspiring male models boost their confidence and looks is through the use of a new cosmetic procedure, facial masculinization fillers.

Define Masculine Features

The definition of what makes a man attractive has generally stayed the same over time. Many have considered that masculine features such as a square jaw and being tall to be attractive. These features are even more present on social media, making it seem that attractive features are more common now than ever before. Dr. Malik, “The Face Doctor,” has seen common features such as flat brows, strong cheekbones with elevation, a defined chin, and a square jawline to be what is considered attractive. Not only are they attractive, but these features are considered to be conventionally masculine.

New Ways to Improve Your Look

Women are not the only individuals who seek to improve the way they look. Men have always used more radical treatments such as constructive surgery to improve their look. Treatments have only improved with technology. Now men can achieve more masculine-looking results without invasive surgery. Fillers can be utilized to highlight more masculine features. These “masculinization fillers” are injected directly into areas of the face to define features further. These areas include the jawline, chin, and cheekbone. These simple fillers can help you look closer to your favorite influencer than ever before.

Increasing in Popularity

It can be easy to see why improving our look has become even more popular recently. With the rise in social media there has been more notice given to our look than now. Social media influencers like Zack Smith utilize masculinization fillers to help them become more confident in their looks. This change in mentality regarding cosmetic treatments has changed our negative stereotypes, such as the term “metrosexual” that was coined during the early 2000s. This allows us to get rid of the negative stigmas and welcome subtle changes that masculinization fillers provide.

Let’s Talk About Tweaking Your Appearance

Masculinization fillers allow us now to “tweak” our appearances without the changes becoming too distracting. Nothing can take away the happiness you feel about cosmetic changes that you worked hard towards faster than a negative comment about how drastic the change is. Injectable treatments are undetectable to the naked eye, so your fillers will not be called out like this. The term “tweaking” was originated in regards to cosmetic changes in the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The idea was to define how masculinization fillers can smooth out the features being improved.

These subtle changes are not just linked to the rise in social media. Tweaking your appearance can also help older men who are in the business world and do not feel confident in their appearance. In order to be more successful, these men can tweak their appearance to have their masculine features be more defined. No longer will these individuals need to hide their facial features. As society moves towards accepting these types of changes, there will always be a toxic community who disproves of it. These misogynistic individuals are best left ignored as you focus on yourself.

What to Know About Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Not all individuals who seek to change their appearance are in a healthy mindset. Body dysmorphic disorder, an increasingly more common mental health condition, makes you question every feature about yourself. Society has continued to put pressure on our looks but we can take care of it in a safe way. Individuals who constantly look for permanent changes such as nose jobs may need psychological help instead of constant surgical treatments. We also must be mindful of disproportionate ideas designed to shame those who seek cosmetic assistance. Such ideas are generalizations, including the harmful thought that gay men mostly suffer from eating disorders. It is important to protect people and allow them to feel comfortable in their own bodies. Having more masculine features from injectables can help certain trans people and help them avoid the hate crimes and violence occasionally reported in the news. This type of transphobic hate is also sometimes seen in the healthcare industry, where biased treatments are incorrectly recommended.

More to Masculinization Fillers than Social Media

You will always want to be informed on the type of procedure you are looking for. Masculinization fillers can now be easily accessed from most credited cosmetic physicians. Black market doctors may wish to capitalize on unhealthy beauty standards and take advantage of you, but the team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center is here to help you every step of the way, from consultation to final result. Masculinization fillers can help those looking for a healthy way to reach out to their followers or find more confidence in the way they look. Contact us now!