Fat Transfer Infographic

Fat Transfer

Looking for a new way to get the body you desire? Our St. Louis Fat Transfer procedure can help! Read on for more information about our Fat Transfer FAQs, and click here to learn more about our procedure!

— Transcript —

Doctor, can you take my FAT from here and move it there?

Q: What is Fat Transfer?

A: This is basically two procedures combined, liposuction and body sculpting. The fat is removed from one part of the body then added to another.

Q: Where does the fat come from?

A: The fat can be extracted from several places. Typically, patients pick a problem area they want to improve. Some common locations are the belly, butt, or hips.

Q: Is Fat Transfer Safe?

A: Yes, Liposuction is performed with the tumescent technique making it more gentle and safe. The transfer is done in small amounts so it can be arranged properly to provide a solid structure and long term solution