Liposuction followed by Fat Transfer in St Louis

Have you ever thought: “Gee, I wish I could take some of the fat from my middle and make my booty bigger!” or, “If only I could take the fat from my thighs and have a bigger chest!”? Then read more to learn about fat transfer liposuction.

The female body before undergoing one of our fat transfer procedures. A woman who underwent a fat transfer procedure at our liposuction center.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary

With our fat transfer St Louis Procedure, we can effectively and safely take fat from one area and move it to another – permanently. One area become sculpted smaller, the other augmented larger. The desire for fat transfers or liposhifting has probably been around since humans could first see a reflection of themselves. We’re image-driven beings, whether we like to admit this or not.
Now, modern medicine has allowed us to:

  • Harvest fat gently and relatively painlessly
  • Perform body sculpting safely, with only local anesthesia for lower procedure risk and maximum comfort
  • Improve the handling of concentrated fat cells
  • Conduct fat transfers — from an inspired idea to reality

Dr. Wright, like selected cosmetic surgeons honing this technique, has increased his skill and experience with the placement of fat, which has allowed for even more options to transfer fat.

What Is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer, at our St. Louis location, is really two procedures combined:

First Step – Harvesting the Fat

This is similar to regular liposuction, with some special modifications like being extra-gentle with fat cells. The best results are achieved without adding laser or ultrasound technologies when performing lipo. By limiting anesthetic, physicians ensure fat cells stand a much higher rate of survival. Aggressive techniques that emphasize speed can injure the cells. This is why the tumescent technique, Dr. Wright’s preferred method of liposuction and body sculpting, is ideal for fat transfer liposuction, with its focus on gentle maneuvers, small cannulas, and only diluted local anesthetics used.

Have Any Questions?

Where Is Fat Removed From?

Many “problem” areas are excellent sources for fat to be transferred. Some people want smaller abs and flanks, some would like trimmer thighs. Fat can be harvested from numerous locations, and it depends on the patient’s wishes and the presence of an adequate amount of fat cells. As an example, the chin isn’t a good place to get a sufficient amount of fat cells. On the other hand, common areas for liposuction of fat donor cells are the stomach, flanks, hips and thighs.

Second Step – Placing Harvested Fat in a New Location

Where’s the fat added to? The most popular area to add fat are the face or cheeks, buttocks and breasts. Once fat is placed in these areas, the results stay with the patient.

St Louis Fat Transfer to the Face/Cheeks

The face or cheeks is the most common site for fat transfers. This is because as we age, the fat in our cheeks decreases and descends downward. This results in jowls on the jaw line, increased folds or lines around the mouth, plus sagging under the eyes. Replacing the volume lost in the cheeks is very popular, and improves on patient’s self-esteem. Many people love and use temporary fillers like Juvederm, Radiesse or Restylane, but these dissolve over time and their benefit is not permanent. On the other hand, permanent fat transfers to the cheeks is an attractive option for some people.

Woman preparing for her fat grafting procedure in the next couple of days. What her face looked like after she underwent the fat grafting procedure.

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Actual patients – Individual results may vary

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks

A rounder, ample-looking butt is becoming more and more popular. Augmentation with a patient’s natural fat is also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. This incredibly popular procedure is easily performed by Dr. Wright. He has significant experience with this combination. If the fat is harvested from the abdomen and flanks, this combination can have quite a significant effect on the body’s shape.

Woman who underwent a fat transfer procedure to improve the look of her butt.
The effects of a fat transfer procedure on the buttocks.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary

Fat Transfer to the Breast

Similarly, fat transfers to the breast are becoming a common option for women seeking, fuller, wholesome and perkier breast – which is a body area that can often move south with kids and age. The benefits of fat transfer is that you’re using your own fat cells and no implants – so it feels completely natural. Additionally, the shape of the breast can be improved through sculpting with fat.

Woman looking forward to her fat transfer liposuction surgery. What one of our fat transfer operations can do for our patients.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary

Learn how getting a fat transfer in St. Louis can improve your personal and professional life. Call Dr. Wright today.