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FDA Recommends Boxed Warning on Breast Implants St. Louis

If you have done your research about breast implants, you may have come across countless internet reports of the dangers regarding them. Reportedly, certain types of breast implants can cause significant harm and even death. The concerns have gone as far as to get the FDA involved to help facilitate a conversation regarding the safety of breast implants St. Louis.

Latest Update from the FDA

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has proposed for breast implant manufacturers to include a box description for potential dangers of the devices. The reported dangers to be included on the box include rare cancers, the need for additional surgeries, and other symptoms. Additionally, the warning can also list associations with lymphoma, fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain. This boxed warning is the agency’s strictest caution and requires the reported dangers to be specifically spelled out.

Additional Recommendations

In addition to the proposed boxed warning, the FDA proposes that patients have a guided conversation with their cosmetic surgeon to understand the benefits and risks associated with breast implants. The recommended proposal is partially due to complaints from patients claiming they did not have adequate knowledge about any potential issues. These recommendations are designed to assist in starting the conversation prior to placing a deposit for the operation.

History of Breast Implants St. Louis

The concerns reported from the proposal are not new. In fact, breast implants first saw use in the 1960s and have been used for hundreds of thousands of operations each year. Breast implants continue to be used to this date. The FDA claims 573 cases have occurred worldwide that have resulted in a rare form of cancer since 2011. Since then, 33 women have died from breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The majority of these cases have involved Allergan textured implants, which are known to have potential issues.

Understand Your Breast Implants

Breast implants come in a wide variety of types; textured implants are not the top recommended implants and are known to increase the risk of possible complications. We offer safe and effective breast augmentations with a minimized risk to your body through fat grafting that will shape your breasts with natural fat tissue for a safer procedure that is just as effective. Begin to understand your options for breast augmentation by contacting us for your free consultation today!