laser hair removal in St Louis

Get Beach Ready Legs with Permanent Laser Hair Removal

The summer season is upon us again and with it comes the time for frequent shaving. We want to look our best when putting on our new swimsuit. Instead of spending an excessive amount of time shaving your legs before you go out, consider getting permanent laser hair removal in St Louis. Not only can you save time but also a significant amount of money over your lifetime!

A Comfortable Laser Hair Removal in St Louis Procedure

Some cosmetic offices use slow and painful procedures to permanently get rid of your unwanted hair. We make sure our patients stay comfortable with the Soprano XLi system. Instead of a painful zap, our patients report a sensation of a relaxing massage that is directed back and forth over the hair follicles. This powerful laser energy targets the hair pigment and leaves your skin relaxed and warm. Our professionally trained technicians can easily target the hair follicles on your legs, leaving them hair-free just in time for summer.

Perfect for All Skin Types

Other cosmetic offices’ methods may not be ideal for those with darker skin tones. The Soprano XLi works well with all skin types and tones. This system makes it easy to distinguish between dark hair follicles and darker skin pigmentation so our patients can be worry-free.

Your Treatment Package

Permanent hair-free skin will require multiple laser hair removal sessions. For your legs, we typically prefer our patients to undergo five full sessions for maximum results. Of course, the needs and wants for each patient will be different. We offer packages for those looking to receive the full recommended number of sessions and individual treatments for those who want a little touch-up.

Why Multiple Treatments are Needed

Most patients will see their hair disappear two weeks after completing their first treatment with laser hair removal in St Louis. Then, another active growth cycle for your hair will begin, with new hairs eventually coming in. Your second treatment will target these hairs, while the third will target dormant hairs that have not grown in yet. You will see dramatic results after this treatment with mostly hair-free skin that will just need to be touched up later on.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Our patients will experience a pain-free and comfortable treatment for laser hair removal. Our state of the art technology allows for faster treatment times and fewer treatments needed than anyone else. Those who have experienced laser hair removal can save thousands of dollars by saving on the cost of razors over their lifetime. Best of all, you can return to your daily routine immediately following your laser hair removal in St Louis.

Choosing the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center for Your Laser Hair Removal

Let us help get your legs ready for summer with laser hair removal. Our Soprano XLi system and thoroughly trained technicians make sure your treatment is quick and easy so you can get back to your busy schedule. Give us a call today for your free consultation and see the incredible results of laser hair removal. Click here to learn more about us!