Get A Butt Augmentation Using Lipo

St Louis Laser Liposuction CenterGet the beach body you’ve always dreamed of having with a Brazilian Butt Lift. It’s otherwise known as a BBL, and it consists of fat grafting, by removing fat from one area, and transplanting it to another – in this case it would be the butt.

Many women feel as though they are lacking in this department, but thankfully fat from your own body can be transplanted there, and the bonus is that you can remove stubborn fat in unwanted areas.

How BBL Is Done

Tumescent liposuction techniques are used to numb the donor area, which can be on the abdomen, love handles, flanks, bra rolls, thighs, and other problematic areas on the body. Next, the fat removed is purified and prepped gently – to achieve high absorption rates as it’s carefully implanted into each butt cheek. The surgeon will shape as he or she goes along with the injections – for smooth and sexy results.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lifts

  • Get An Envy-Worthy Body – be the envy of the town with a body that attracts the right crowd. Many individuals are able to improve their personal and professional lives as a result of their renewed sense of confidence.
  • Remove Stubborn Fat – get rid of unwanted fat in areas like the lower abs, or trim inches from your waist. You shape two target areas, for the price of one.
  • No Need To Go Under The Knife – no knives or surgeries are necessary for the Brazilian Butt Lift. Check out how it’s all done above.
  • Speedy Recovery Times – there’s no need to take lengthy vacations in order to undergo and complete the Brazilian butt lift. The average time it takes to get back to regular activities include 24-48 hours. Over time, the shape begins to improve, as the butt cheeks become defined, perky, and well-rounded.
  • Accessible Cost – while surgeries come with thousands in extra costs and fees, the lipo butt augmentation combo is significantly lower priced. The average cost is relative to the provider and region in which you reside.
  • Natural Look and Feel – since there are no implants used to augment the butt cheeks, and natural fat from the body is absorbed, it looks and feels completely normal. The combo also provides inconspicuous results, so no one has to know that it was actually done.

Secure a sensual silhouette you’ll be proud to show off with this liposuction butt augmentation combo today.

Research local and highly specialized surgeons to get smooth and perky results.