Handling Anxiety During Liposuction

Many patients undergo a certain amount of anxiety surrounding their liposuction procedure. While this is certainly normal, there are ways to handle the levels of anxiety you may experience. Anxiety is defined as the state of mind a person experiences that is worried, nervous, uneasy or apprehensive prior to an event such as liposuction. As we stated, anxiety is normal and nearly everyone experiences some level of anxiety before surgery, though some may be more anxious than others. It’s important to note that while some liposuction patients experience some soreness and/or tenderness after the procedure, it is usually handled with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Can Anxiety Be Treated Prior to Liposuction?

In some cases, patients may seek medications that may reduce anxiety levels. These medications are known as anxiolytics. Some of these medications include Valium, Xanax, Ativan and other similar drugs. It is common for a patient to be given a small dosage of one of these medications the night before the procedure to reduce anxiety. Additionally, another dose may be given just prior to the surgery to further reduce anxiety levels.

Needles and Anxiety

It is completely normal to feel anxiety or nervousness with needles.  The anti-anxiety medication may help with these situations. However, some patients may have higher levels of fear and anxiety surrounding the use of needles, and because liposuction does require the use of needles, these patients may request general anesthesia during liposuction.

It is important to note that local anesthetics are far safer than general anesthesia. It is important that you discuss these issues with your physician prior to the liposuction procedure. You should understand the implications of both local and general anesthesia, including the overall risks of each, as well as the subsequent recovery times.

Allay Your Fears with St. Louis Lipo

Says Dr. Thomas Wright, of the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, “We want each of our patients to feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after their liposuction procedures.” He continues, “We sit down and explain the entire procedure and determine the level of any patient’s potential anxiety. We want you to feel as comfortable and safe as possible.”

If you are considering liposuction, but have some anxiety, we urge you to schedule a consultation. We will explain the entire procedure and discuss any necessary anxiety prevention steps. We know that understanding the procedure can be beneficial in helping you feel more comfortable with liposuction.