How Liposuction Can Benefit Different Areas of the Body

It can be difficult to get rid of unwanted fat tissue. It builds up in all the areas we do not want to see it. Yes, dieting and exercise can help you reduce the amount of fat tissue found on the body, but the effectiveness of diet and exercise varies for every individual; some may see quick results (especially for those who are younger) but others may not see any change despite rigorous diet and exercise. If this is the case for you, we offer liposuction for those who are unable to see changes through diet and exercise alone. Liposuction can work on most areas of the body—not just the abdomen. Take a look at how your body can benefit from liposuction:


Women will find their hips to be a common area for fat tissue buildup. This is especially true for individuals diagnosed with lipedema. We utilize a variety of liposuction treatments that can help permanently get rid of these buildups. Specifically, our tumescent liposuction is the preferred method for the hip area. This type of liposuction procedure works by making tiny incisions on the treatment site. Then we remove the pockets of fat tissue through a small cannula via suction making it easier on the body to handle. Our patients are kept awake for the entire procedure with local anesthesia. They remain comfortable and pain-free from start to finish.

Liposuction on the hips can help with your overall contour of the body. A disproportionate buildup of fat tissue around this area can make it difficult to fit in regularly fitted clothes and impact your body image. This is especially true for women who are currently dealing with lipedema. Liposuction can help with the symptoms of lipedema and make it easier to live with.


While our thighs are the largest portion of our legs, they can be out of proportion when you get additional weight there. Additional fat tissue can make it difficult fitting into your favorite pants and even cause chaffing. Individuals with lipedema also claim that excess fat tissue around the thighs makes it more difficult to be mobile. Our tumescent liposuction procedure removes this fat tissue through small incisions. Liposuction will help your legs achieve symmetry and look better than ever.


One area we may not always think of when considering liposuction is the knees and ankles. While diet and exercise can help around our hips and thighs, it will do very little around our joints. Women with lipedema will find moving around to be difficult when dealing with subcutaneous fat tissue around the ankles and knees. This fat buildup will also create a trunk-like appearance for your legs. Find a proper shape and form for your legs with liposuction. Afterwards, we often prescribe compression stockings that will help your incisions heal even faster. It will also apply pressure in the right areas of your treated site.


Our most commonly treated area with liposuction is the abdomen. Our bodies accumulate fat tissue faster around the abdomen and is difficult to work off with diet and exercise. Our tumescent liposuction procedure will be able to help remove fat tissue in around the abdomen and waist to improve your body contour. Specifically, we remove fat tissue in small pockets instead of one large area that older liposuction treatments were known for. This allows for the procedure to be minimally invasive and get you back on your feet faster. Similar to all our other liposuction treatments, you will remain awake as we help you look your best again.

While individuals looking to slim down their figure can do well with abdomen and waist liposuction, they are not the only ones who will benefit from it. Those looking to enlist in the armed forces will need to pass a military tape test where your waist will be measured in proportion to your height. If your waist is too big you will not pass the test. Help reduce your waist size safely with liposuction so you can pass the test and move forward with the armed forces.

See the Benefit in Different Areas of the Body Today

All of these areas can benefit from liposuction to help you lose that unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. We can help you get started with your free consultation that will plan around your treatment needs with liposuction on these detailed areas of your body. Contact us today!