How to Choose Your Lipo Doctor

After you have made the decision to undergo a liposuction procedure, you have made the first step toward achieving a new you. Liposuction can provide you a sleeker, more youthful looking profile that many people desire. One of the most important steps after making this decision is to find the best surgeon that can provide those results in an effective and safe manner.


One of the first things that you need to be aware of is that you should not fall for all of the marketing hype that you see on television and the Internet. Many doctors and companies say that they can provide very dramatic results. While these advertisements can be very enticing, you need to remember that your safety comes first.

When considering a surgeon, you should make sure they are experienced in performing the procedure you are considering. Many surgeons perform liposuction but do so infrequently so are less likely to have exceptional results. Ask the surgeon how many liposuction procedures they perform in a week or month. A physician that performs less than one liposuction procedure a week many not be able to give reproducible results.

You should always meet with the surgeon that will be performing the procedure – not a representative. It is essential to feel comfortable and trust the surgeon that will be performing your procedure. Surgeons that perform liposuction without completing a history and physical exam should be avoided. A proper physical exam and review of your medical history is important to rule out possible complications that may affect the safety of your liposuction procedure.

Safety First

Your safety at the hands of a surgeon should be your top concern. You should ensure that a surgeon you are considering limits the number of procedures he or she will perform each day. A surgeon who does not do a high number of procedures each day will be able to provide you with the best care. Any surgeon you are considering should only do a limited number of treatment areas during a single procedure, which is integral to your safety.

After you have selected a few potential surgeons, you should sit down with each one. You want to ensure that you feel comfortable with any surgeon you choose. You don’t want to go into a procedure feeling uncomfortable about how the doctor may treat you. You also want to feel that your safety comes first to the surgeon, rather than his or her ego.