Increased Patient Satisfaction with Fat Transfer

A recently published literature review highlighted in Aesthetic Surgery Journal indicated that the autologous fat grafting procedure for cosmetic breast augmentation achieved satisfactory levels among patients for volume retention. According to the researchers, “Autologous fat grafting is increasingly used in cosmetic surgery.”

The study reviewed literature covering fat grafting procedures used for breast augmentation. The Web of Science, PubMed, and other similar databases were searched for studies conducted and published between January of 1996 and February of 2016. Criteria included studies that included a minimum of 10 patients and a follow up period of at least one year.

The study included 22 articles that reported on 3,565 patients. The mean follow up time was 28.8 months, and 10 of the studies included post-op management. Within the review, 17 studies showed a complication rate of 17.2 percent reported within 3,409 patients. The most common complications included:

  • Induration (increase in fibrous tissue/loss of elasticity, often temporary)
  • Persistent pain
  • Hematoma (bruising)
  • New nodules

Eleven studies used pre- and post-operative mammograms to show an issue such as calcification. Eight studies that included 523 patients analyzed overall volume retention and showed a mean volume retention rate of 62.4%. Six studies reported on patient satisfaction with an overall 92% satisfaction rate. Additionally, 89% of surgeons reported satisfaction.

The researchers wrote, “Although the evidence is still limited, [autologous fat grafting] seems to be a promising method to achieve cosmetic breast augmentation with an encouraging volume retention and satisfaction rates in a small number of studies.”

Fat Transfer Satisfaction is High at St. Louis Liposuction

Says Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director of the St. Louis Liposuction Center, “These findings certainly concur with my opinion of the fat transfer procedure. I have found that my patients experience overall satisfaction with the fat transfer procedure.”

He continues, “I have found that many of my patients have experienced not only great results, but fewer complications, especially when compared to implants.”

If you are interested in fat grafting/transfer procedures for breast augmentation, we urge you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Dr. Wright and his staff will go over the procedure and your individual case to ensure you get the results you want.

 1 Autologous fat grafting achieves volume, patient satisfaction in cosmetic breast augmentation

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