Body Jet

Is Body Jet Lipo Right for You?

When it comes to removing hard to manage fat tissue, liposuction can be the saving grace you need. Subcutaneous fat tissue cannot be removed through standard diet and exercise alone. Liposuction procedures have come a long way, and you now have a variety of options to choose from. Body Jet Lipo, otherwise known as water-assisted liposuction, is a popular option for those looking for an effective procedure with minimal recovery time. Take a look and see if Body Jet Lipo is right for you:

What is Body Jet Lipo?

Body Jet Lipo uses a pressurized tumescent solution to break apart fat tissue within the body. Once the fat tissue has been broken down, it can be easily removed through suction. Individuals who have been diagnosed with lipedema especially need a gentle treatment to help remove any fat buildup. Body Jet Lipo can do just that and refrain from damaging the lymph nodes. Other liposuction procedures are unable to assist patients with lipedema due to the high probability of causing damaging side effects. With Body Jet Lipo, you can reduce the symptoms of lipedema like constant pain, swelling, and even mobility issues.

Benefits of Body Jet Lipo

Body Jet Lipo is different from standard liposuction and tumescent liposuction as it uses a pressurized solution to break down fat tissue. Once the tissue has been broken down, it can safely be removed through a cannula. Patients of Body Jet Lipo report they are able to recover much faster and experience less bruising. Most patients of Body Jet Lipo report they are able to return to normal routines within a single day; other forms of liposuction can require up to several weeks of recovery. Pain from the procedure will be mild and can be handled through over the counter medication. Our technicians ensure each patient is taken care of with local anesthesia. Other forms of liposuction require general anesthesia that can create extensive side effects and further prolong any healing. If these benefits sound like a win for you, consider Body Jet Lipo to help treat your lipedema today.

How to Get Started

Getting started on your Body Jet Lipo procedure is as simple as calling our office for your free consultation. You will be given an individual care plan based around your wants and needs. We ensure each and every patient is fully aware of the procedure before getting stated. Call today and see if Body Jet Lipo can help you achieve your goals today!