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Jawline / Cheek / Jowl Liposuction

Liposuction of the cheek, jowl, and jawline gives individuals an attractive profile and improved symmetrical look. As we age, the jaw fat in the cheeks begins to sag and descends to cause a jowl or sagging jawline.

When individuals diet the rest of the body may shed pounds, but not necessarily the face. Liposuction is an excellent alternative because it can precisely suction fat in areas you have handpicked.

The Problem:

  • Looking Fatter Than You Are – a sagging jawline, cheek and jowls can make you look fat overall and less fit, even if your weight and treadmill says otherwise.
  • Aged Appearance – excess jaw fat in these areas makes us look older – not such a good thing in the looks department. Men and women alike often experience a drop zone around age 40.

The Solution:

Jaw Liposuction for the cheek and jowl area is considered facial liposuction and is often combined with other facial areas like the chin and neckline to dramatically improve your facial profile and give you a slender more attractive profile.


  • Our face gives the first impression of who we are and what we are about. A refined facial profile improves self-confidence and self-image.
  • Tightened Skin – get tight and toned skin as the surgeon sculpts fat away gently and artistically.
  • No Incisions – scarring is very minimal to non-existent. Facial liposuction is performed at the surgeon’s office in a surgical suite using local tumescent anesthesia.
  • Instant Resultsjaw fat is permanently removed. You will see results of a firmer more sculpted facial profile immediately.

Our Features

  • Safety First – tumescent liposuction is a very safe minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Wright places a high emphasis on patient comfort and safety.
  • Affordable – financing options are available through Care Credit.
  • Award Winning – ask the hundreds of jaw liposuction patients that are happy with our results
  • Expertise – Dr. Wright is a highly skilled surgeon that has trained with the inventor of the tumescent liposuction technique.

Why Wait?

Your new sexy profile is waiting for you. Remove unwanted fat from your neck, chin, or sagging jawline today. Call us for your free consultation with Dr. Wright.