National Rare Disease Week

Join FDRS in Recognizing National Rare Disease Week

If you have been diagnosed with or are experiencing the symptoms of a rare disease such as lipedema, it can be difficult to find the support you need. However, you are not alone in the fight against lipedema and other rare diseases, as research and support is available depending on where you look. The Fat Disorders Resource Center is one such hub of information and leads the fight in understanding lipedema. Millions of Americans experience the symptoms of lipedema every year but still have difficulty finding a proper diagnosis and relief of symptoms. The FDRS recognizes the many rare diseases each year during their National Rare Disease Week. This special week highlights the importance of understanding rare diseases and what you can do about them. This year’s Rare Disease Week even includes a special convention being held in April that will feature a variety of conferences and special events. Here is what this year’s Rare Disease Week and special convention will focus on:


For those who are unfamiliar, lipedema is a chronic disease that still baffles much of the medical community. Lipedema mostly impacts females (rare cases for men do exist) and is observed as asymmetrical and bilateral subcutaneous fat tissue. More specifically, this fat tissue begins to build up around the hip and lower leg areas. The fat tissue will in most cases not be proportional with the rest of the body. Lipedema will cause the impacted to swell and grow further in size. The Rare Disease Week conference will directly discuss the etiology, causes, symptoms, and stages of lipedema.

Symptoms of lipedema are especially important to discuss as they can vary for everyone. What individuals with lipedema will find, however, is that the disease develops through several stages. While your body may appear smooth at first, you will begin to notice swelling, indentations in the skin, and subcutaneous fat tissue develop disproportionately. The Rare Disease Week and convention will also discuss potential treatments that can help with reducing the symptoms of lipedema. More conservative treatments include wearing compression stockings or lymph drainage massage. Liposuction is ideal in more accelerated cases where the symptoms are greatly impacting your everyday activities. As always, it is important to highlight that lipedema does not have a cure.

Living with lipedema can be difficult and painful, so it is important to understand this rare disease as much as possible. By recognizing the Rare Disease Week, you can join the millions of individuals fighting lipedema every day. Remember you are not alone in this fight!

Dercum’s Disease

Another rare disease that is potentially less known than lipedema is Dercum’s Disease. This disease is similar to lipedema in that it affects subcutaneous adipose tissue. However, Dercum’s Disease causes painful lipomas develop separately and which can start pressing against your nerves. This can cause unbearable pain across many points of the body. More women are impacted by Dercum’s Disease but just slightly more. As you can see, Dercum’s Disease and lipedema and need an increase level of understanding in the medical community.

Rare Disease Week will highlight the symptoms of Dercum’s Disease for the community’s better understanding. Symptoms of Dercum’s Disease can include deficits in expressive language and memory, gastro-intestinal difficulties such as IBS, and vascular bruising to name a few. Similar to lipedema, the symptoms can be expressed differently for everyone, leading to difficulty diagnosing Dercum’s Disease. The Fat Disorders Resource Center aims to make sure Dercum’s Disease shares the spotlight with lipedema during this year’s Rare Disease Week and its convention. Information discussed will include diagnostic criteria, treatment, and the many symptoms of Dercum’s Disease.

Fat Disorders Resource Center Convention

As mentioned, you can attend this year’s Fat Disorders Resource Center convention in person. The 2020 event will be held from April 17th through April 20th in Cleveland. You can experience a full three days of research presentations, general sessions, and more. This year’s keynote speaker will be Karen Herbst, PhD, MD, a recognized member of the medical community. Learn more on how you can improve your sleep and nutrition with a rare disease, understand liposuction, how to live with the symptoms of lipedema and Dercum’s Disease, and more. You can reach out to the Fat Disorders Resource Center directly to purchase advance tickets and find lodging for the event. Join the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center this year in recognizing Rare Disease Week, especially when it comes to lipedema and Dercum’s Disease.

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