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Collagen Level Reduction with Kybella

Over time, the natural aging process results in an overall loss of collagen and elastin both of which provide the skin with a smooth, firm and even texture. Collagen level reduction may happen more rapidly due to an individual’s genetic predisposition or significant exposure to UV rays and other harsh external pollutants. Whatever the cause may be, as collagen levels drop, changes in the skin are often most noticeable on the face, particularly around the jawline and chin. As skin loses its elasticity it has the potential to sag in addition to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When this happens in the chin, those suffering from these lower levels of elasticity may notice what appears to be the appearance of a double fold under the neck, or what may refer to as a double chin.

In the past, the field of cosmetic alteration was limited to liposuction as a primary solution for correcting this aesthetic effect on the chin. However, amazing technological advancements over the past several years mean patients now enjoy a variety of options that speak to their personal preferences and desired outcomes. Those who are looking for a non-surgical route to correcting loose skin around the chin will be pleased to know that the St Louis Kybella Treatment fits the requirement.


A male patient's fantastic Kybella results as seen from these before and after pictures. The effects of Kybella is known to have on the male chin.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary


The Innovative St Louis Kybella Treatment Option

Instead of going the route of invasive liposuction, Kybella is an FDA-approved series of injections that can successfully treat mild to moderately severe cases of loose skin underneath the chin. Many patients elect to use this double chin treatment for the added benefit that it is a non-animal form of deoxycholic acid which is an important substance that naturally occurs within the human body. The role of deoxycholic acid is to help the body absorb fat and when injected at strategic points, can promote this process in areas like sagging chins.

Developed by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Kybella is a gentler alternative to chin liposuction or surgery. As the injections target problematic areas of the chin, the solution begins to break down fat cells for easier natural absorption. Over time, this process results in firmer and smoother looking skin.

Woman who opted to undergo the Kybella treatment at our St. Louis office. Female patient who experienced amazing results after undergoing the Kybella treatment.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary


Results and Recovery

While every patient requirement is different, in the majority of cases, it will take several Kybella injections to achieve successful results. Patients can require anywhere from 12 to 20 injection during a visit with most physicians recommending a series of two to three treatment sessions. In many cases, treatment sessions need to be spaced about a month apart in order for the body to have sufficient time to heal between session. On average, noticeable results can be seen within two visits to a physician’s office.

Kybella treatments are considered outpatient in nature, making the recovery period after treatment minimal to non-existent. At most, patients report mild redness and swelling at the site of injection which generally disappears after 24 hours. Most patients resume their normal activities on the same day as they receive Kybella injections. Because Kybella is administered in an outpatient setting, patients who elect to use Kybella gain the peace of mind that comes with avoiding a hospital stay, risks of general anesthesia and lengthy recovery periods.

What Kybella can do for those experiencing loose skin around the neck. The amazing effects that Kybella can have on a female patient.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary



Our team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center is happy to help walk patients through the many payment options and financing solutions we provide for patients seeking Kybella.

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