The Kylie Jenner Challenge – Is it Dangerous or Routine?

Kylie Jenner has been getting a lot of press lately. She’s better known as the youngest member of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s clan and has motivated us in fashion via different social media outlets, including Instagram. The latest news making rounds in social media circles, however, is the Kylie Jenner Challenge, where fans of the star tell teen girls to compete and copy her plump lip look.

Though Kylie herself has yet to admit to the allegations that she’s had work done, teen girls are intrigued enough to try the challenge.

The question though is, could it be harmful?

Specialists like Dr. Wright from The Laser Lipo and Vein Center suggest that undergoing this challenge could cause scarring and discoloration. In the challenge gone viral, sites like TMZ show young girls suctioning air from shot glasses to achieve a plump lip. The trend is known as DIY Lip Plumping.

The Possible Dangers of the Challenge

The results are less than stellar based on the pictures posted on the gossip site. Not only do the lip plumps not look great aesthetically, injury is certainly a possibility. For example, we see younger tweens and teens with bruises around their mouth.

Experts furthermore warn that participating in this challenge could have more dire consequences besides temporary bruising. Frightening enough, the glass could break, and injure the eyes, and cause permanent scarring around the mouth. In such cases, medical attention or stitching may be required.

Several news outlets including the Washington Post have reiterated the hazards of trying the Kylie Jenner Challenge, warning parents and children to defer from this trend.

A Better Alternative to Lip Enhancement

If you do want to get bigger, fuller looking lips, what’s the better alternative that won’t cause scarring or discolorations?

Surgeons like Dr. Wright can walk potential customers through a range of safer options, like minimally invasive fat injections for instance, or the use of other cosmetic treatments like Juvederm or Botox. Of course, age is always a factor, and minors would need the consent of their parents before undergoing any service.

Options range from temporary, semi-permanent, to permanent treatments, and prices will differ for each treatment.

To schedule a consultation for a safe lip enhancement with the Laser Lipo and Vein Center, call 636-614-1665.

Photo By Marc Zapanta ThePrinceOfVanity – Screenshot from Kylie Jenner Makeup & Skincare Interview, CC BY 3.0,