Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Facts & Myths

Doing your own research into laser hair removal can be difficult when the internet is littered with false claims and myths. Similar to other cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal has a list of unverified claims that can try to dissuade you from this helpful and effective procedure. Laser hair removal is one of our most successful and popular treatments we provide. Take a look at the facts and myths regarding laser hair removal:

Laser Hair Removal is a One and Done Procedure – False

When considering laser hair removal, patients need to be aware that it can take several sessions to achieve maximum results. We target the hair follicles in your skin to effectively destroy that strand of hair, but our hair grows in phases, making it impossible to completely halt all hair growth in just one session. Each session will be scheduled apart to achieve results as quickly as possible. It is virtually impossible to remove every single hair follicle in the skin so results are best maintained with maintenance sessions after your initial sessions have all been completed.

Laser Hair Removal Does Not Work on Darker Skin – False

This false claim was initially true during the early workings of laser hair removal. Initial treatments were unable to target hair follicles found on darker skin tones. Now our laser hair removal technology is much more advanced and allows us to target hair follicles on any skin color.

Laser Hair Removal Causes Cancer – False

There is nothing scarier than hearing a procedure can cause cancer, but laser hair removal is not one of those treatments. The technology involved with laser hair removal uses an inconsequential amount of radiation which causes no harm to your body. Some claims have falsely compared this treatment to x-rays which could not be further from the truth. In fact, laser technology can even be used to treat skin conditions such as skin cancer. You will be safe with laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal is Exceptionally Painful – False, Depending on Your Pain Tolerance

You will not be experiencing significant pain during your laser hair removal. Our patients frequently report a feeling akin to that of a rubber band snapping on your skin. We may cover your targeted area in topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort if you have a low pain tolerance.

Laser Hair Removal Your Way

Now is the perfect time to consider laser hair removal. Our highly trained team will keep you safe and ensure the best results in the industry. Call today for your free consultation and see if laser hair removal is right for you. Learn more about the laser hair removal procedure today!